Delta Airlines Policy on traveling with pets

Travel with Your Pet to Varied Destinations Easily with Delta Airlines Pet Travel Policy

Being a pet lover, it is always difficult to leave them alone for a while and the situations become tougher whenever you traveling outside from your town for a business or personal purposes via air. It is almost difficult to travel along with your pet via air but if you have booked a flight ticket on Delta Airlines, then you don’t need to worry about that as you can simply travel with your pet. Delta airlines allow traveling with the pet but there are some important rules and restrictions that need to follow which are prescribed by Delta airlines in the pet policy for every passenger.

What is Delta Airlines Policy on Travelling with Pets?

Do you want to travel with your pet on Delta airlines? Then you can simply make a reservation for your pet as per the pet policy of Delta airlines which is most important to know before you make a reservation. You can make Delta Airlines Reservations for your pet after following the below pet policy:

·         Delta airlines allow only small cats, dogs and household birds inside the cabin. Some breeds are not allowed by the Delta airlines such as snubbed nosed dogs, rabbits, falcons and others.

·         Your pet should be medically fit and vaccinated. You may also collect the health certificate of your pet that might be asked during the check-in at the airport.

·         Your pet must be at least 10 weeks old for domestic travel and 16 weeks old for international flights.

·         1 pet per kennel is permitted and it should be neat, clean and leak-proof.

·         The maximum of pet kennel does not exceed the dimension 122 x 81 x 89 cm and your pet should be capable to move smoothly inside it.

·         A fee for pet travel starts from $75 and it depends on your route and ticket type.

By following the above-described pet policy, you can make Delta Airlines Reservations and smoothly travel with your pet. If you still have any kind of query related to pet travel, then you can contact with a customer service team of Delta Airlines and gain the required assistance.