Google Sync not Working Windows 10

Learn ways to fix the Google sync error on Windows 10?

Are you confronting Google sync is not working trouble and worried about it? Google sync is quite an essential service as it let the users synchronize their mail, calendar, contact, etc. to any device. However, a few times, Google sync might not work on some of the devices due to which cause trouble in synchronizing the data. Likewise, when your Google sync is not working on Windows 10, you can follow the methods below to fix it.

Pause the Google sync

· First of all you need to pause the backup and sync on Google for fixing the problem

· Go to the Backup & sync tab from the menu and access hidden options

· Further tap the pause option and wait for a while

· Afterwards, resume the Google sync and check whether working now or not

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Restart Google sync

· Go to the Google drive and choose the sync option from the menu

· After that tap on Quit backup and sync option

· Later go back to windows search and restart Google backup and sync again

Reinstall Google sync

· Access windows 10 settings and navigate to the apps section

· Further, on the apps screen you have to look for backup and sync option

· Then choose to uninstall Backup and sync from your windows 10

· Afterwards, you have to reinstall the Google sync once again in your device

These are the suitable ways of dealing with Gmail Sync error on Windows 10 device. Besides this, a few times, Google users might encounter failure in fixing the sync error even after applying the best troubleshooting steps. In that case, you require assistance from a technical person at Google support by connecting to their service center.