June 20, 2020

PS038 QuickBooks Error: QB Payroll Could Not Be Updated

QuickBooks Error PS038 is a technical error code in the program used to represent an error when executing or updating payroll. When the error occurs, you will be notified via an error message on the screen. Error: PS038 appeared after the release of QuickBooks 2017. The error leaves several unfavorable results in your accounting software and you may not be able to continue your current mission. This blog post is a real attempt to help you fix this error so that you can continue with daily accounting.

How to describe QuickBooks PS038 error code?

QuickBooks PS038 error message appears on the screen when an ordinary user tries to send payment checks online, the checks hang between "Online to send". The error code also prevents me from submitting employee payroll data. The error message says: "QuickBooks Payroll will not update the PS038 error; Payroll subscription verification." An inactive payroll subscription is one of the obvious reasons for the QuickBooks Desktop upgrade error code.

What are the main causes of salary error in QuickBooks PS038?

Several causes can lead to QuickBooks PS038 error, but these are some of the most important reasons that cause the error when updating QuickBooks.

Online payment checks: The error message is displayed when the user attempts to send salary checks online, but the paycheck is left "online for transmission".
Corrupted Company Profile: One of the most obvious reasons for this QB error code is corrupted company files. Infected files not only affect other QB files, but they can also harm the system.

Restore the latest payroll update: When you retrieve the current payroll update in QB and verify your payroll subscription, the error appears when proceeding.

What affects the Intuit QB error code in your business accounting?

In addition to its direct impact on the upgrade process, the QuickBooks PS038 bug also leaves many unfavorable effects on your company's accounting.

Windows performance degradation - This is a direct effect of a QuickBooks update error with the same icon, and once the error occurs, an active window crashes. It also reduces processing speed and increases task completion time.

Salary update process stops: With error arriving, your payroll update process is interrupted and you may not be able to proceed with one step. Failure to transmit a paycheck - Discrepancies in the data cause the error that users look at different records to verify the error while processing the paycheck.

How to resolve the QuickBooks PS038 Salary Update error?

Below you can find the most effective troubleshooting solutions to resolve payroll errors in QuickBooks using the same error code.

Important: Before starting the troubleshooting process, be sure to update to QuickBooks 2018 or later. It is a good idea to back up important data from your company file and payroll to avoid data outages.

Solution 1: Forward payroll after updating QB
If you are unable to send your payroll data due to the QuickBooks error message code, consider updating the software to the latest available version.

Go to the "Employees" tab and from the bottom tab, click "My Payroll Services"
Now click Submit usage data and specify whether you can send payroll data
Try updating the payroll if the payroll data is submitted
If the PS038 error in QuickBooks remains uncorrected, perform the following solution.

Solution 2: Check for Online Check checks and verify registration
In this solution, you need to find and verify unsolicited payment checks.

Select Search on the Edit tab, then select Advanced
Now go to the Filter Choice tab to select a detail level from the filter list
Choose only summary to continue
Then select Online Status from the filter list
There should be a drop-down menu on the right side where you must select Online to send
Click the search button to discover and verify all unpaid paychecks

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