What Causes Death In Coronavirus Cases And How To Avoid

Coronavirus has become a global catastrophe, and it is spreading rapidly everywhere. It is not only limited to a country or a continent but has become a threat for the survival of the entire humanity. The outbreak that started from the city of Wu Han China has expanded its deadly wings around the world, infecting and killing thousands of people daily. Till now, we only have known that coronavirus or the Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease and can spread quickly through human contact. But how a person dies due to coronavirus? How does it affect the human body, and what leads to the fatality of people after contracting this disease? Here, we shall try to understand how coronavirus can cause the death of a person, and is there a way to prevent it.

The disease starts with flu-like symptoms such as cough and fever, making its way towards the respiratory system. As a result, the respiratory tree gets infected with the virus as they start settling in the air passages which conduct the air between the lungs and the outside. Eventually, the lining of the respiratory tree begins to get injured, which causes inflammation. It then starts to irritate the lining of the airways and then goes to the gas exchange units that are located at the end of the air passages.

On becoming infected, they start to respond by pushing out inflammatory materials in the air sacs, which are placed at the bottom of our lungs. When the air sacs are inflamed, and the outpouring of the inflammatory things gets into our lungs, it causes people to end up with pneumonia. As the lungs are filled with inflammatory materials, it is not able to get sufficient oxygen in the bloodstream and reduces the ability of the body to absorb the oxygen and get rid of the carbon dioxide. The coronavirus pneumonia affects all parts of the lungs and not just the small parts. Generally, when one is infected, the antibodies in the body respond and attempt to destroy the virus and prevent its replication. However, people with weak lung conditions, underlying cardiac conditions, diabetes, and older adults have an impeded defense mechanism. As a result, the virus spreads in the body at a fast pace and replicates itself tremendously. As pneumonia grows uncontrollably in the person, and the inflammation causes an inadequate supply of oxygen in the lungs, it also affects the kidneys of the affected individual and prevents it from cleaning the blood.

As the virus causes a high degree of inflammation in the body, it ultimately leads to multi-organ failure and death of a person. As the respiratory system collapses due to the virus, it also stops the functioning of the heart and other organs in the body. The ventilator might be able to provide artificial support in supplying oxygen to the lungs, but unless its condition improves, the efforts are completely futile. These are some of the chief reasons that have been known till now, which is causing death due to the deadly coronavirus disease all over the world.

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