January 23, 2020

JJ Resnick - Top tips for innovative leadership and success

Creativity and transformation is a vital aspect of any business growth. Every leader or manager seeks to build this culture in their organization but how? Here JJ Resnick has compiled some effective tips on how to achieve this as a leader.

Vision for change:

 Your team will only be innovative if they know the direction in which they are headed. This innovation needs to have a purpose and it is up to the leadership styles to set the course and have a bearing for the future.

 Leadership development must define the business direction and that people will easily understand and work towards it. Good leadership qualities entail spending time trying to illustrate the vision, the goals and the challenges that the business will go through.

Fight that fear of change and adoption of new techniques:

Innovative leadership needs to constantly emphasize the need for a change may be by replacing the comfort of satisfaction with the desire for ambition. Provide a future that shows an appealing future worth taking risks for. Consider the policy 'trying new ventures are risky, standing still is riskier' as this will enable your employees to venture into new, maybe riskier options. 

The Dynamic Suggestions Scheme: 

Wonderful suggestion schemes are focused, easy to use, well-resourced, responsive and do not need to offer huge rewards. Recognition and response are more important and above all, they have to have the wholehearted commitment of the leaders to keep them fresh, have proper labor management and successful leadership skills.

Break some basic rules:

JJ Resnick says, for you to achieve a radical innovation, you have to challenge the assumptions that govern the way things should look at your workplace. Have the notion that businesses, unlike sports, do not have well-defined and static rules and referees. It is more like an art and therefore common with opportunity for a lateral thinker who can create new ways to provide goods and services that are high on demand.

 Give two jobs to everyone:

 You could as well assign all your employees two key objectives and ask them to run their current jobs in the most effective way possible. Encourage your employees to ask themselves these questions - what is the essential purpose of my role? What outcome am I supposed to deliver and if that is of real value to my clients? Is there a better way to deliver?


Collaboration is the key to lead with innovation and many managers know they cannot do it all using internal resources. You, therefore, need to look outside for other organizations to partner with. 

Welcome Failure: 

Encourage a culture of experimentation where all your employees hold the belief that each failure is a step along the road to success. For you to be truly responsive, you must give people the freedom to innovate, experiment and the freedom to succeed. This means that you must give them the freedom to fail as well. According to JJ Resnick, starting a business is a leap of faith even in the best of circumstances. As a small business moves through the various stages of its life cycle, it requires different support programs that are suited to its specific needs at that time.