What Makes Plastic Surgery In South Korea So Good?

About South Korean plastic surgery

South Korea has to be one of the best places you can go for medical tourism in the field of cosmetic surgery. Korea is considered the plastic surgery capital of the world, and has been popularized in the past ten to fifteen years. About 20% of the women there have gotten plastic surgery in some form or another. And around 67% of the procedures are for eyelid surgeries. Double eyelids are considered rare and beautiful, which is why many people opt to enhance their face with it.

Korean specialization in cosmetic surgery

Amongst other popular surgeries are rhinoplasty, jaw and chin shaping, and fat grafting. Customer satisfaction rates with Korean plastic surgery before and after results have been astoundingly high. This is because surgeons are highly experienced and you will also come across the high demand ratio in the place. Plastic surgeons at the top Korean clinics are usually specialized in a specific type of surgery, to offer high quality services to their patrons.

Why do people opt for plastic surgery?

There are many explanations for why Plastic Surgery In South Korea has become so prevalent. People say that it has been popularized since the end of the 1953 Korean War. Others say it is a natural consequence of conformist society based on Confucianism.

Whatever the root cause, people have now come to inherit the idea that beauty does not come from birth but can be created later on. People in Korea have no qualms with changing their appearance to better suit a job or to boost self-esteem, and that perhaps should be the key to modern thinking.

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