October 30, 2020

How is Truffle Boxes Wholesale Deal Great Choice for Retailers & Businesses

Truffle is a type of fungus that can be eaten, and they have no health side-effects on the human body. Raw truffles are passed through a high tech process and converted into adorable and mouthwatering truffles with great demand in the market. If you're in the truffle business and want to make a truffle boxes wholesale deal with a dedicated packaging boxes company, this article is written for you. We will summarize all the details related to truffles and their packaging boxes at the wholesale level.

Why are truffles hard to discover and pricey?

Truffles are grown 5 to 10 centimeters under the ground and attached to the roots of broadleaved trees like oak and hazelnut trees. They are challenging to grow and demand a lot of hard work. Special skills and modern instruments are required to figure out where they are available. Mostly they are produced or found in highly concentrated areas of the world like the Middle East, North America, Pacific Northwest, North Africa, China, France, and Italy.

Another reason why they are high in demand is their various health benefits. They are rich in nutrients containing ten calories, 2 grams protein, and 2 grams fiber. Their health benefits include lowering cholesterol, fighting bacterial infections, preventing cancer, protecting the liver from damage, and controlling blood sugar. That's why people who are in the business of truffles prefer to make truffle boxes wholesale deal to take more advantages and prevent any break in their business.

Everybody likes to eat truffles and chocolate gift box is ideal for wrapping lovely truffles. There are different types of truffles available in the market, including black, white, summer, winter, imported, and cultivated; however, the most common types are white truffles (located in Italy) and black truffles (located in France) that are high in demand. According to some experts, in the coming two decades, the truffles' industry is estimated to grow around about 6 billion dollars. That's why investing in this business will definitely give you a lot of benefits.

What Are Custom Truffle Boxes?

Customizing truffle boxes is an excellent choice for creating brand awareness and making your product unique among competitors. Custom truffle boxes manufacturers let you choose the color, size, shape, and design of boxes according to your product's needs.

The primary purpose of customization of truffle boxes is to fit the product rightly in the box. Customizing truffle boxes saves you from additional shipping charges, extra manufacturing, and free-up extra space for storing more boxes. So if you are concerned about your brand's worth, custom truffle boxes wholesale deal is an excellent choice for you.

Another significant benefit of customization of truffle boxes is an advertisement. If you want to print your company attributes, product characterization, slogan, or anything on custom boxes, you can quickly do it because they have a print-friendly nature. More importantly, you can print your company logo and company name on these custom truffle boxes to help customers know more about your product.

Types of Truffle Packaging Boxes

There are different types of custom truffle boxes; however, we will mention some of the most famous types of these high demand boxes nowadays.

  • Kraft truffle boxes
  • Printed Truffle Boxes
  • Clear truffle boxes
  • Sleeve truffle boxes
  • Silver truffle boxes
  • Rigid truffle boxes

How is Truffle Boxes Wholesale Benefiting Retailers?

When it comes to purchasing truffle boxes, wholesale is the best option to consider for many retailers. And no doubt, many retailers purchase truffle boxes in bulk quantity to get a more discounted price for each box. Purchasing truffle boxes in bulk quantity is beneficial for both; supplier and retailer—the more quantity of boxes, the more benefits, and commission per box.

When retailers purchase truffle boxes from manufacturers at the wholesale level, they get together in a friendly relationship. Manufacturers want someone who purchases their products in bulk quantity and refers more persons to his business.

In a friendly relationship, both manufacturers and retailers can negotiate the prices. In some cases, when retailers purchase things in bulk quantity and do a truffle boxes wholesale deal, the manufacturers give them a facility of delivering their boxes to their place. This act saves retailers from extra transportation charges. So consider a wholesale deal for truffle boxes if you have your plan to run in the long race.