Diploma defense Speech

Diploma defense Speech Consider the most common turns that a student can apply when defending a thesis. Any speech should begin with a greeting from the graduation committee. If you already have the material ready, then see if there is a greeting from the teachers & write my essay. Use the standard phrase: "Good afternoon, dear members of the graduation certification committee." A competent defense speech will increase the chances of success! We will pay attention to such an important aspect as the appearance of the graduate during the defense: teachers always look at how the student looks. You should look neat, tidy. If the report is read by a young man, then he should be in a jacket. The necessary equipment is ready, teachers are provided with visual material, you can begin the protection procedure. You greet the teachers, voice the topic of the diploma, name the main goal, list the tasks, and consistently state the chapters of the work. Graduation Advice“I defended my final qualifying work 2 years ago, and it was much more complicated than it seemed at first glance.I note that I had prepared a speech and presentation in the PowerPoint program. We also required handouts that duplicated information.I would like to note that everyone is worried during the defense. Our group was quite fragmented in terms of grades and performance. There were excellent students and often truant students. But there were no special problems that day. All prepared, sought to finish their studies, to obtain a certificate of higher education. Only students who had the whole appearance showed that they did not need it. Someone did not even bother to write a speech in advance. Several points regarding the behavior of the certification committee. At first, they are in a good mood, because the table is set, flowers, sweets. The teachers are full of energy, the morning has just begun. Everyone has a high level of mindfulness. But after a dozen people, the concentration disappears. I defended my diploma somewhere in the middle of the list, no one listened to me at all and write my research paper. Then I realized that when you go to the defense, members of the commission look at how much you need it. An example of a speech in defense of a diplomaHello, dear members of the certification committee! The theme of my graduate qualification work is the organization of online advertising for a tourism organization. The relevance of the topic should also be named. The purpose of the work is to conduct a study to improve the efficiency of travel agencies through the use of the direct mail method. The first chapter of the paper discusses the theoretical foundations of organizing Internet advertising. An analysis of the issue showed that the features and uses of the Internet to promote the following: narrowly targeted information; democracy in the field of PR; interactive communication; wide coverage; relative cheapness. The study of tourism services allowed us to identify Directions for improving Internet marketing in tourism, they are on the slide ... One of the promising areas of modern technology is direct marketing. When preparing and sending advertising messages via e-mail, you must take into account the features of this communication channel. The second chapter of the work is devoted to the study of the features of advertising activities of travel agencies, which is the object of our study. The organizational structure of the enterprise is presented on the slide. Analysis of the financial and economic performance indicators of the organization showing that the organization has narrow points in this area. Next, an analysis of consumers of services was carried out. Identification of the target segment of consumers of services was carried out by interviewing 112 buyers of tours by random sampling. The age of the buyers is presented on the slide. Analysis of the advertising policy of the company revealed the most effective channels of communication with the audience. An analysis of the work of the company's sales managers was also carried out using the "mystery shopper" method. The analysis resulted in a SWOT matrix that reflects the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. The results of the SWOT analysis are presented on the slide. The slide shows the results of the analysis of the effectiveness of the distribution of the advertising message within the campaign. The slide graphically presents the results of the study. The result of the project chapter was the calculation of predicted effectiveness. For the calculation of efficiency, data were taken for the year. During the preparation of the work, the tasks set at the beginning of the work on the project were solved & Essay Writer Online. The purpose of the work - to conduct a study to improve the efficiency of travel agencies through the use of the direct mail method - has been achieved. That concludes my defense of the diploma.