January 28, 2021

Application Server Market Size, Technology Insights, Trends, Growth And Forecast From 2016 To 2024

The application server market is expected to witness a huge growth over the forecast period due to evolving technology in information sharing through application server. Advancement in information sharing technology through mobile, tablets, laptops, and cloud application using server application is growing as it makes the work easy, improves the efficiency through real time sharing and assists in data management by companies.

The main factor that drives the application server industry is the extensive use of mobiles, laptops, and tablets. The industry expects a huge growth as the market of mobile, laptop and tablets are expecting continuous growth due to increasing demand. Any information sharing in current scenario uses cloud application for real time information sharing which uses an application server to improve efficiency hence the application server industry has ample opportunity to grow in near future.

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Higher server cost and maintenance service for application server are the considered to be the major challenges in the market. Application consumes more server space as the it is upgraded for fast and improved experience. This eventually increases the server cost which creates major concern enterprises IT budget. System integration is also a restraint. Huge data has to be consolidated globally; hence system integration is a restraint.

The opportunities in global server application industry are ample due to continuous upgradation in technology. Upgradation in technology improves the speed of the application hence it improves the accuracy and the real time information sharing. The market has huge potential in coming years as enterprises are constantly looking for systems that will help in efficient management of company’s database and backend processes.

Server industry can be segmented based on types, the global market is segmented into Java based, Microsoft windows based and others. The other applications server includes use of open source technologies. Java based application server are used by Oracle web logic and IBM web sphere. Open source is source code in which copy right holder provides licence to study, change and distribute the software. GlassFish, Resin, Jonas, Tomcat, JBoss, and Jetty are open source technology. The industry can also be segmented based on deployment into cloud and On premises. Cloud is anticipated to be fasted growing segment as it helps inn sharing real time information sharing with accuracy and more efficiently.

Geographically application server market is segmented into 5 markets which consists of North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. With its early adoption and technological advancement, the penetration rate is much higher in the North America region. North America is considered to be developed market as most of the organization are extensively using devices that require application server in their daily life. Asia Pacific region is growing in application industry. Use of devices that runs on application is increasing at a fast pace hence Asia-Pacific is a potential market that is yet to explored. Countries like India and China are growing a fast pace hence requirement for application server is growing in these economies. Latin America is also considered as a potential market for this industry.

IBM is market leader globally in application server industry. IBM web sphere is a java based application it helps to build, deploy, and run applications securely. IBM web sphere helps to optimize application on cloud, run, manage, and integrate dynamic web application. Search engine optimization is key strength of IBM web sphere. HP is also considered as prominent player in this segment. The company posted revenue more than USD 3.7 billion in application server market. J2EE application server software market is build for special purpose, mission critical web sites that supports and secure globally integration of enterprises.

Key players in the industry are Apache, VMWare, Adobe, Wipro, iWay Software, TIBCO Software, Microsoft, Pega Systems, CA Technologies, Nastel Technologies, HostBridge, Fujitsu, Red Hat, LexMark, IBM Corporation, Oracle, SAP AG, and Newgen, and Linux.

Companies are adopting various strategic initiatives to gain competitive edge in the market and maintain its position. For instance, iWay and Oracle has entered into joint venture to provide seamless connectivity to their business partners. iWay has ability to perform rapid integration solution to its customers globally and Oracle offers seamless connectivity. SERVER 10g is java based application helps to accelerate the development and deployment of J2EE (JAC). Users easily connect to the virtual information source, transaction systems, packaged applications, and relational & non-relational databases. After the connection is established, it can easily be used as a callable service by future applications. The combination of full reusability and unparalleled connectivity proves iWay a suitable complement for Oracle 10g.

Wipro provides services application for application integration, business to business (B2B) integration, business process integration, and edge integration. Solace and HostBridge has developed a Simplify Integration of Mainframe Assets with Modern Architectures. This will link critical mainframe systems with latest application and architectures. It will provide large volume real-time data transfer without modifying mainframe or any code.

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