Packaging & Labelling
December 12, 2020


Lately vaping has made noise with cases of death in the United States since August, and almost 400 cases of respiratory problems, sometimes serious, have been recorded.

First of all, it is important to know that 80% of them had used illegal substances. Among other things, cannabis oil or poor quality oils, often obtained at the lowest possible price down the street or on the internet. Custom E-cigarette Packaging Boxes.

For the remaining 20%, examinations are underway to try to shed light on their lung problems.


Member of the National Academy of Medicine says that one should especially not stop vaping because it is a real substitute and we keep the act of smoking. This device has no equal in the world in reducing the risks of smoking and the benefits far outweigh the risks.

In the viewfinder Propylene glycol (a molecule derived from petroleum irritant when it comes into contact with the skin) or certain flavors (such as cinnamon) because they have found cases of cough and dry throat but it is necessary to check if this is related to the use of vaping.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) strongly advises against vaping when you are pregnant for the reasons that we know (impact on the fetus). If you observe your bottles, a logo is flocked to signal the ban on vaping to pregnant women.


According to Professor Thierry Urban, it is very important to use French, Legal, and certified products. If you take a good look at your equipment, liquids, pods a CE mark must be affixed to it. On the bottle must be mentioned the lot number and the nicotine rate "maximum 20mg in France" and beware of images of fruit or aroma.

Whatever the type of electronic cigarette, we would like to point out that the quality and safety of your products must remain your priority. Do not succumb to too attractive prices, which most of the time correspond to non-compliant and harmful products.

For example, it is forbidden in France for more traceability to send products without their packaging. You must receive your pods, cartridges, or liquids in their own packaging box with the batch number, the safety standards mentioned above (as for a drug), and in each package, you must find a small leaflet mentioning the risks (as for a drug). Sometimes some brands have chosen to stick it on the bottle, you pull the label and on the back is everything that has been mentioned.


In our establishment " Cigar store " we offer you three alternatives to cigarettes:

For those who do not want to bother with handling liquids and resistances and have the risk of contact with the skin, you will find what is available. calls closed systems like epode Vape, open 3, Logic compact, Logic pro, Mable, Energy, Jull. The principle; we take a pre-filled cartridge and insert it into the pod and when the cartridge ends we take another.

For those who are comfortable with the electronic cigarette, you have open systems, that is to say, a more or less large battery with the tank (called atomizer or clearomizer) that is filled with liquid. When using an open system, be careful because some liquids are not miscible.

Finally, we will discuss the third alternative to cigarettes, IQOS (an electronic cigarette hybrid).

It is intended for all those who have bought all kinds of electronic cigarettes and who cannot manage to continue to smoke.

We are going to use small pods of tobacco that we will insert into the holder (a kind of mini device) which will heat the tobacco.

What is the point?

No combustion, no tar, no passive smoke, no more odor on clothes, more odor on the hair and without being indelicate more yellowing of the teeth, fingers, mustache, just a nicotine intake during a time limit of 6 minutes or 14 puffs. So unlike the electronic cigarette, there is a beginning and an end and we are satisfied so not possible to consume two in a row. Wholesale Custom E Liquid Boxes.