5 Factors That Keep Students From Doing Homework


No matter how simple the homework is, not all students will do it. In this article, you’re going to learn about several reasons students don’t do homework. While some just hate everything about homework writing, some have other factors keeping them from writing. Read on to learn why homework writing is a dreaded task among students.

Lack of Skills
Homework writing, just like any other assignment requires certain skills that not all students have. For instance, students need to understand the topic and have good research skills. Students who have difficulties in understanding some homework topics struggle to come up with excellent homework.Besides, some don’t have a complete understanding of the materials needed to complete homework. If you lack homework writing skills, EduBirdie can make homework for you at affordable prices. Seeking homework help will allow you to handle other important tasks so that you don’t suffer from burnout.

Lack of Time
Apart from other extracurricular activities, some students work part-time. This leaves them with no time to write homework since by the time they reach home; they are completely exhausted and want to have a rest. While these extracurricular activities are healthy for students, they may sometimes deny students the time needed to sit down and do homework. To help busy students, teachers can assign homework ahead of time. This will give students enough time to complete their homework instead of giving them tasks a day before the deadline.

Students Don’t Understand the Importance of the Homework

Some students just don’t understand the significance of homework. This makes them think that there is no harm when if they don’t do it. In fact, some students consider homework writing as busy work hence they become rebellious when asked to do it. Sometimes teachers are to be blamed for this since without letting students understand the importance of homework writing, it can be difficult to make them feel compelled to do it.

They Are Overwhelmed

 With too many things to do, especially for students who work part-time, homework can feel like hitting a nail on a fresh wound. This is especially true for students who haven’t mastered the skill of planning or breaking down tasks. They can feel overwhelmed easily when they have too many tasks to do. Teachers can relieve students by assigning them smaller chunks of homework activities instead of assigning them large projects with strict deadlines.

Lack of Appropriate Homework Writing Environment

There is no denying that some students live in environments that aren’t favorable. This applies to both students who live with their parents or colleagues in hostels. This makes them lack focus and concentration hence they don’t do their assignment work. Students need to find quiet and distraction-free environments to do their homework without any disturbance.

Lack of Support from Family

Education is important. However, not all families value it. Students from these families don’t get the support they need to stay motivated to do their homework. Also, some parents value education but lack the time to help their children. 

Lack of Feedback From Teachers

To keep students encouraged, teachers need to give them constant feedback when they submit their homework. The idea of giving students homework is to assess their understanding of the topic or class material. If students don’t meet the requirements, teachers need to give feedback.