Why you need an experienced property surveyor

A property survey is a complete and thorough inspection of a property in order to identify structural issues that may affect its worth. The report is essential knowledge prior to purchasing a commercial property, to ensure that your investment is as safe as it can be.

What’s included in a property survey?

  • structural issues
  • construction issues that will highlight any major works that need to be carried out. This can include roof damage, electrics etc.
  • general observations including double glazing
  • historical information on the property
  • history of the deed
  • details on land ownership

An experienced property surveyor will help you get to know your potential commercial property inside out; this knowledge is worth paying for. As with everything else in life, savvy business people are aways on the hunt for a bargain, but property surveyors are not the place to scrimp. Ensure your budget is adequate, and that you have time to address any queries or concerns raised in the repor

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