January 3, 2021

Grow your business with link shortener

The social networking tree has various wide branches. There are more than 100 social networking sites, and it won't be wrong to say that almost every person is active on more than 3 social media sites. Furthermore, when you start an online business, you want it to be approached by more people. Thus, you will be creating accounts on many social networking sites, hoping to increase the site's traffic.

Let's take a look at the example. Suppose you have mentioned the information about your product or service, and you want people to look at your other websites to get a crystal clear idea of the product. Subsequently, you will end up writing every single link in the bio. You might face the problem of limited words, or perhaps rambling on various links won't make your content look as attractive to people as you hoped.

However, we are here to help you tackle your problem easily. Joy.Link enables you to fit multiple links into one link. How? We always think about your convenience; our site allows you to write 20+ social media sites and into one spot. So, instead of writing an ample amount of links, you can use this free link shorteners and focus on your product or business description.

We offer many amazing features. Let's dive in and take a look at the benefits and facilities that are available to use.

Social Media Marketing:

Social sites are the best and creative platform for entrepreneurs, influencers, and advertisers. Social media is approachable by every person, which makes it the most reliable for online marketing.

Moreover, by using our website, you'll be advertising yourself in a single link. For instance, if you put the link in the Instagram bio when a customer opens that link, a new web page will appear, and all of your social media profile links will be displayed. Conclusively, we provide you with one simple link to promote your business, social profiles, and creativity.

Easy to create an account:

We are a marketing tool that enables you to communicate with your fans by creating a customized website. All the essential links can be collected together that you want to share with your audience.

Without any inconvenience, you can create your account on Joy.Link in a short time. Firstly, click on the 'get started button' for signing up, make sure you put an active email and create a password. Afterward, create a username for your personal link ID. Ensure to read the rules of generating a username. Cheers! Your joy.link has been created.

Modify and Style your profile at ease:

After setting up your profile, you are ready to modify and style it. Firstly, insert all the social profile links; we support more than 20 social media. When your audience clicks the link button, they will be directed to your page. Besides, you can upload your profile picture, as you do it on any other social site. The profile picture can be related to your work. Make sure to give your profile a more professional look so that it improves the interaction.

Moreover, to make your profile stand out, you are free to customize it. Add themes or any background images to make your display attractive for the viewers. You can change font, colors, style, and effects according to your comfort.

Analytics Feature:

We are the only platform with localized languages and supporting teams that interact with Asia & global networks. To keep track of your views and audience clicks and give details of individual links, we have presented you with an Analytics feature. It allows you to figure out which links bring your audience to your Joy.Link page, and when they get there, which links they engage with the most.

Also, our site has amazing click-through rates (CTR) facility. It's a process to calculate the links' success by telling you the percentage of views that resulted in a clicked link. Likewise, we provide you with a section, 'visitor countries,' which presents the data of the countries that have visited your profile.

To summarize, we give you a secure and comfortable experience to drive more traffic and transition for you with a fast speed. We also feature 'embed videos' by which the video link you have added will be displayed directly on your link page when your audience clicks on it. Our services and features are free, so go to the joy.link and create your profile.