Jubilee Ace - Three Steps to Make an Investment Plan

If you invest you need an investment plan. Your chances of reaching your commercial intentions soar if your investments are based on sound principles and a written plan. Your chances for failure are increased exponentially with every investment representing step you fail to complete.

The financial world changes immediately. Markets go up, they go down. Business change movement and business cycles fluctuate. Diplomacies, financial policy, and world events knock your finances off course at a rapid pace.

A destination for early-stage corporations to acquire capital for growth. Jubilee Ace is an investment company and which bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in the businesses, backed by a great team. Our focus — investing in Innovation, Leadership, and Growth. For eg — A pilot has a plan before taking off. They run through a pre-flight checklist, make sure they know where they’re going, what to expect from the weather, and what time they need to move to reach their destination. Can you imagine if your pilot didn’t have a plan? What is your backup if the weather struggles you off course? What if you have a mechanical issue and require to land somewhere else? Every pilot knows ahead of time how to deal with challenges.

We bring in the expertise of recognizing and building large corporations even from a concept. Our team at Jubilee Ace has a wide range of experience in helping companies develop, fill gaps in the market and help create winning companies. Investing can be difficult, complicated, and even scary. But a well-structured investment plan can take the fear out of investing and deposit you on track to attain your goals.

Just how do you create an investment plan? Here are a few short steps to get you well on your way to investing success! These are just a start however and there is much to be learned over time.

Define Your Goals: You need to know where you’re going to figuring out how to get there. What are you investing for? Retirement? The kid’s college? A large purchase? Once you define your goals you can calculate how much it will take to achieve them.

Create Your Investment Policy: An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a document which defines the parameters for which you’ll invest. It should be in writing and it’s a very important part of your investment plan management. It helps you avoid ad hoc revisions to an otherwise well thought out advance artifice and implements a framework for making wise investment decisions in the future. Your Investment Policy Statement should detail the types of expenses you’ll own, how you’ll select the managers for your properties (which mutual funds or ETF’s maybe purchase), how you’ll replace those properties when necessary, what percentages of which asset classes will be purchased, when you’ll need to draw income and how much, how you’ll manage and monitor your investments, when you’ll re-balance your portfolio.

Manage, Monitor and Maintain: Finally, it’s not enough just to invest your money and forget about it! Investing takes time and you should schedule a portfolio investment review at least annually if not semi-annually.

Each investment review should pursue your current property assets upon a benchmark of where you should be in order to meet your goals. It should also prompt a fresh round of due diligence and an asset allocation check on your finances. Mutual funds or ETF’s which were once great may have fallen out of favor, and because the world becomes so rapidly it’s a certainty that your asset allocation will have changed which may need adjusting.

The important thing to remember is that if your investment plan was performed accurately up front, you should continue to have faith and confidence in it — yet the process will need to be monitored and refined. Make changes and improvements over time as your financial situation changes, but never make emotional random changes in response to market fluctuations.

The Jubilee Ace organization believes entrepreneurs can shape the future of the world. We want to partner with passionate and energetic entrepreneurs who have the drive to change the future.