Wild Orchid Subic: Making you feel at home

Wild Orchid Subic would never let you down when it comes to its comfortable surroundings and reliable amenities and service. Staying at this resort would make you feel like you’re at home but this time, with lots of delicious foods readied for you, a room that provides a high-level of comfort, along with a nice swim from a cool and huge pool, and a refreshing and gentle wind from the seashore. You can consider this hotel as your second home each time you’re in Subic Bay or Olongapo City.

It’s certain that you would have enjoyable days and relaxing nights in this hotel. The staff would ensure that your stay would become stress-free and filled with gentle and beautiful memories. It’s a fact known to a lot of people, especially the people who’ve been here before that the staff puts a lot of effort in providing the needs of the guests and visitors, and that their benevolent yet smart approach in dealing with concerns was indeed reliable.

Look forward to the clean and huge pool of Wild Orchid Subic as well. You can have lots of fun in the pool with your family or close friends, or whoever is close to your heart. The kids would definitely enjoy their time playing with its refreshing water. On the other hand, the resort is also located on the beachside so you can take advantage of having a stroll on the shore and look at the vast ocean. It would be extra special if you’re going to watch the sunset at the beach.

Even though the resort is of old age, it still provides amenities and services which guests and visitors would never get tired of and would never be disappointed with. The rooms were spotless and the things inside were properly organized for your convenience. On the other hand, the bar provides delicious foods with a live band to entertain you while enjoying your meals.

After your stay, you would surely recommend Wild Orchid Subic to your other family members and some close friends so that they could experience a peaceful and a relaxing stay at a reasonable price as well during this summer season.