August 6, 2014

Job objective

Смотрю абаут.ком, примеры job objective на резюме там отличные просто:

To employ my knowlegde and ideas in the research and work with dedication and punctuality to bring out the results beneficial to humanity.
Нормально, но я бы так не стала писать, типичное писательство, где много воды и мало смысла. А то, что слово "знания" написано с ошибкой, это ирония :)

To get a suitable job where I will get an opportunity to enhance my abilities in communication and interpersonal skills.
Вот такое тоже не стала писать - я всегда указываю во-первых позицию, на которую собираюсь, а во-вторых, пишу конкретно, что хочу и умею делать, а не "коммуникация", которая в общем-то не является уникальным скиллом.

Develop professional skills in students of every age by providing work-based learning. To offer quality education to students by providing them effective and hands-on education.
В самый раз, типа такого я люблю.

Being an Environment lover, my main objective is to bring a revolution into Waste Management Practices, particularly in India. I am focused to get into Waste to Energy Projects, which indeed is a need of time. My dream motto is “Clean Environment, generate Employment & get Enjoyment ever” and being focused, I need to move ahead in the same direction, as I’m already.
Я все понимаю, английский неродной, но попросить кого-то вычитать можно же?

Dedicate,energetic and motivated team player seeking a career that would enable me to utilize into the boiler operator field. Ability to work successfully in averse and experience situations.Innovative problem solver, who thrives on challenges excels under pressure and gets the job done. Bright, confident and responsive individual, who possesses outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to resolve problems and disputes.
Классный оператор бойлера, саморекламу умеет. Два спейса забыл только. Но если убрать бойлер, то в любой офис пойдет.

A self motivated, professional, punctual and courteous individual who desires to not screw up everything I put my hands on and accomplish something meaningful before I die.
Во, супер! Честно, по-тинейджерски и в макдональдс примут!