August 8, 2014


Всё, меня можно выносить. Офигительный чувак из Ирландии сопляк 24-летний, да что он вообще о жизни знает гад такой чтоб такое петь?..

Вы слова послушайте.

Work Song

Boys workin on empty
Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat?
I just think about my baby
I'm so full of love I could barely eat
There's nothing sweeter than my baby
I never want once from the cherry tree
Cause my baby's sweet as can be
She give me toothaches just from kissin me

When, my, time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I'll crawl home to her

That's when my baby found me
I was three days on a drunken sin
I woke with her walls around me
Nothin in her room but an empty crib
And I was burnin up a fever
I didn't care much how long I lived
But I swear I thought I dreamed her
She never asked me once about the wrong I did

[Chorus 2x]

My baby never fret none
About what my hands and my body done
If the Lord don't forgive me
I'd still have my baby and my babe would have me
When I was kissing on my baby
And she put her love down soft and sweet
In the lowland plot I was free
Heaven and hell were words to me

Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

Babe, there's something lonesome about you
Something so wholesome about you
Get closer to me

Мне бы сюда Лёха, тебя, из Америки, и Расселла, мы бы на кухне засели бы...