November 22, 2015


Hello teachers, just a few words, it's the topic I could actually easily use 50,000 words on.

Projects are rarely included in a regular school or university curriculum. There are different historical and education related reasons for that, but you can see that now Russian and Japanese teachers tend to teach rather than engage students.

Since I've started my reduce plastic project, my groccery shoping looks so much brighter )

This picture is why I believe in projects. This is my student doing her Garbage Project that was a part of her English lessons.
She, like a lot of my other students, was excited about trying it and I can't wait to see what it will bring and what changes it will make in her life.

Two words: do projects in class (ok, that was 4 words) and you'll help your students improve their English skills, vocab and grammar, listening comprehension, writing and most importantly, make English become an important part of their life.