February 18, 2021

Converting audiences made easy: retargeting that boosts CR and CTR

Let's imagine, an advertising campaign has been created, clicks and leads received, campaign stopped. You are awesome! But then you think: “Hmm, it would be nice to launch another campaign and boost the audience that has already demonstrated activity with your ad (for example, clicked on a creative)." Why not?! Use the Audiences tool.

What are the audiences for?

The Audiences tool is the ability to target your ad campaigns only for specific audiences. In fact, this is retargeting for previously warmed-up and converting users.

With this tool, you will acquire the following superpowers:

  • Show ads to a heated audience. For example, users have already interacted with your advertisements (saw them, clicked on them), but for some reason, there was no conversion. Gather an audience from them, create a brighter creative, or offer a unique bonus and boost the conversion.
  • Exclude an audience whose users have already made a conversion or click. This way, you can attract new unique users and not waste your budget on repeated impressions.

How does it work?

Let's look at the tool together. We go to your personal account and see a new menu item - Audiences.

Clicking on it will take us to the page with the previously created audiences. You can see there 2 buttons: “Get code” and “Create audience”.

Click "Create Audience".

IMPORTANT NOTE: creating an audience is possible only if you have already run advertising campaigns before. Otherwise, there will simply be nothing to choose from - there are no campaigns you can collect audiences from.

Audience name - any kind.

Campaigns - a list of campaigns from which you plan to gather an audience.

Stats for the last ... days - the number of last days, statistics for which will be taken into account when creating an audience.

The duration of user participation in the audience ... days - the number of days after the selected action, during which the user will belong to your audience.

Actions - the audience will receive users who have performed one of the following actions (you can select several): clicks, impressions, conversions, conversions with status Hold, conversions with status Rejected.

The checkbox "Auto supplement" allows you to automatically supply the audience with new users matching the targets in the campaign.

After filling in the form, click “Save” and you will be redirected to the list of available audiences.

Creating audiences for retargeting using code remains the same.

Click “Get the code”, fill in all the fields, get the code and insert it on the desired pages of the site from which we want to collect the audience.

How to target audience:

We go to the main page your account, select the campaign you are interested in, click "Change". In the settings window that appears, go down below and see the "Audiences" section.

Now we can “include” or “exclude” the previously created audiences.

A simple example. We have a betting ad campaign. There are many conversions in it, but we want more. We want to increase the number of deposits. Our actions:

  1. Create an audience from the first campaign who completed the registration.
  2. Create a second campaign and enable the audience you've just created.
  3. Send them an attractive push notification with an offer to place a bet on the next high-profile event. In this case, the audience is already warmed up as much as possible and is at the final stage of the funnel - people spent time registering, but for some reason did not have time / did not want to make the first deposit.

Same with audience exclusion. If the initial goal of our campaign was registration, then we can create an audience of users who have already registered and exclude it in future campaigns. In this case, we do not spend the budget on repeated impressions.

Audience usage mode: AND, OR: The condition (AND) means that the user must belong to all specified audiences. The (OR) condition means that the user must belong to at least one of the specified audiences

Where to use it?

There are a lot of options.

  • User registered in World of Tanks? Why wouldn’t he try a new online game?
  • Converting on antivirus software? Such users often install vpn, create an audience from them.
  • A betting case can be scaled to any other where a deposit is needed. Is there a registration? Boost up the user with bonuses and special offers.
  • E-commerce. User made an order? Why not buy more?

That's all you need to know about the tool. Run ad campaigns in Kadam, create audiences and combine them with each other, collect cases and share them with us or other users.