September 16, 2020

CPA Target Guide

CPA Targe is a smart automated bid algorithm that sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible at the target cost per action (CPA) you set.

It uses machine learning technologies that automatically optimize bids and correct them to get the advertisers’ goal.

To set target CPA you need to set up tracking conversions with postback or JS-code.

*Payment mode is available in push, clickunder, and video campaigns only.


Kadam analyzes historical data and campaign statistics after launching. Based on this information algorithm sets the optimal bid for each possible ad. The bids are set so that the average conversion price for the campaign is as close as possible to the target CPA.

The cost of each conversion may be different, but in general, Kadam will strive for the target CPA. Important: the actual conversion price may be lower or higher than the one you specified in the campaign setting.

Bids are correcting on each auction based on real-time and historical campaign data. For example, which device and which browser the ads will be displayed, where the potential user is located, what category of the site, subscription age, etc.


Cost per action — is the average amount you want to pay for each conversion. The average target cost per conversion is the average value within the received traffic. It depends on the bids adjustment for different crossings, the effectiveness of ads and all changes you have made to the target CPA. This is why the average target CPA may differ from the one you set.

Receiving CPA from postback

It allows you to focus on the amount sent in the "cost" parameter.

Once you mark the checkbox campaign focuses on the amount set in the Target CPA field. After getting a conversion campaign focuses on the amount sent in the Postback.

The aggressiveness of increasing/decreasing.

These variables determine how soon you need to increase or decrease rates at different intersections. “High" aggressiveness means lowering/increasing bids at intersections with minimal expenses, while “Low” aggressiveness means gradually decreasing/increasing bids over a longer distance.

Javascript settings

You can get Confirmation code in the campaigns' list

You need to copy the code in the extended code field and insert it into the page confirming conversion (Thank You page for example).

Make sure the code is set only on the Thank you page. This allows you to not only collect accurate statistics but also will save you from draining your budget.


Working with CPA Target mode do I pay for conversions only?

No, CPA Target will withdraw money for each click at the most optimal bid at each individual targeting and site.

How much money do I pay?

The cost of a click depends on many factors. The bid is individual for each campaign. It depends on: selected targeting, competition, specified budgets, the subject of the offer, and materials.

Do I get traffic if there are no conversions?

If there are no conversions Kadam will gradually reduce the bids until the traffic stops completely.

What is the reason I can't choose a native or banner ad format?

CPA Target is available in push, clickunder, and video campaigns only

What GEOs are available for CPA Target?

All GEOs.

What types of offers CPA Target performs the best?

CPA Target works with all offers that are allowed by our rules. Anyway, we recommend considering conversion as an act with a lower cost so our system will reach for profitable crossings more quickly.

What bid to set?

To get as much traffic as possible we recommend setting a bid as close to the payout as possible.