April 7, 2022


In this article you will learn about the ECO project and how to earn points in it

ECO - a simple defi application, a purse with a function of paying bills, transferring funds to friends, easy replenishment and withdrawal, with a cashback and charging interest on the balance - is exactly what the US market lacks, which the bank should replace people. The main task of ECO is to make the world defi much easier. The founder of the project is former President Caoinlist.

Ambassador program?

There are no ambassadors programs, and Eco is currently conducting a marketing campaign to expand and engage the community. ECO POINTS is awarded for active and productive participation

What are the points for?

These points show your contribution to the development of Eco Community. For quality content you get more points, that is, quality is always more important than quantity. They are not yet converted into anything else, but anything is possible in the future when the details of the sale are announced.

How do you get points?

It is necessary to carry out tasks, to help new participants, to be active and "useful" to the community. There are daily and special tasks. All current jobs can be viewed in the official calendar here

What do you do in task?

For example, the Valentine’s Contest


Create a Eco-style valentine with your hands (not in the photo editor) with the text and name of the person to whom it is dedicated. Put your work with the video recording of the valentine process in the channel #community-activities with #Valentinecard tag. Do not forget to attach a card with Environmental and your discord handle on the video (physical card, not Photoshop), without this your request will not be accepted.

EcoDayChallenge are simple (but not always) fun tasks that take place every day. During the day wait for the announcement of the job in channel #community-activities and earn points. Good luck!


ECO has raised more than $35 million from top funds such as: a16z Crypto, Founders Fund, Activant Capital, Slow Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Expa, Pantera Capital, Tribe Capital, Valor Capital Group and more than 100 other foundations.

Do u have questions? Chat me kallen#7373