About DevOps(Development & Operations)

DevOps as mentioned above is a combination of development and operation of any existing system. We cannot specifically say that its a technology but instead we can say it as a culture which helps for the development of any existing process. This culture has prompted many learners of cloud to jump into DevOps Training Courses.

The concept of DevOps can be used in fields like in IT industry etc. The collective work of developers using the operations to enhance a particular system in its performance and time.

In deeper DevOps represents a change in the IT industry making the IT services to deliver faster than the previous service. DevOps mainly depends on the agile and lean development which means iterations of terms with quick feedback and short development cycle. Agile software development is designed tho maintain a maintain a relation with the customers, product management and developers to give a better product. Developers make th the changes of the product like bringing the new features and unique one to the customers which keep their identity and hold their business partners with them.
As mentioned in the above diagram the developers will plan develop the code which meets the requirements of the customers and build it. After they test the code using different environments like selenium and they operate and monitor the working of it and puts it before the customers. The development comes with a requirement and the developers will use their engineering brain to meet the requirements and get things done. This is nothing but SRE(System Reliability Engineering).

It is nothing but automation of the softwares existing with new features
Devops use lot of tool chains to develop the softwares in the IT industry. They use git for the code, maven to build, selinium to test, and jenkins to integrate. There are some of the popular tools used by the DevOps for its operations.
Finally if we want to conclude about the DevOps its a collective work of the developers development and their operation to make the existing system better considering the requirements of the business partners or the end customers. It increases the security, App development, stability of the softwares. The Business partners will be happy because they get their desired products from the developers and they meet their requirements. So there is no doubt in saying that DevOps had created a drastic change in the present IT industry .