September 27, 2021

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Engineer

We are looking for a talented developer to develop a new unit for a large South Korean company.

If everything that you read below is definitely about you, then write


  • Development of technologies for AR/VR processing and system
  • Simulation/evaluation work of AR/VR processing and system
  • Standardization work of AR/VR processing and system especially oriented in volumetric video coding and system such as point cloud, 3D mesh compression, processing and system


  • Minimum Master of Science (MS) Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Signal Processing, etc., related to the AR, VR, volumetric video signal processing, computer vision
  • Intermediate level of English

Desired skills:

  • Knowledge of AR/VR processing and system especially oriented in point cloud compression and processing, 3D mesh compression and processing, volumetric video compression and processing, and associated systems and applications.
  • background in the related technologies, such as computer vision, computer graphics and image/video processing.
  • programming skills on the major high level languages, especially C/C++ and related libraries/packages. Knowledge of software project management, version control systems functionality
  • Familiarity/knowledge on media standards and applications.
  • Ability to develop patents focusing on the AR/VR technologies
  • Ability to work as a team with LG colleagues in global domain
  • Ability to communicate/discuss with engineers in the media standardization bodies (e.g., MPEG)

Personal characteristics:

  • Self motivated and self driven to fulfill job duties and responsibilities
  • Team-oriented, bright, creative thinking
  • High energy level with strong interpersonal skills
  • High level of personal and professional integrity
  • Effective communication skills


  • Work in Moscow
  • Good opportunities for the professional and career growth