March 9, 2020

6 Essentials For Your Summer Wardrobe

Even in the dead of winter, summer is just around the corner. With summer comes warm weather and long, lazy days. The kids will be out of school and many people are going on vacation and taking trips with their families. It's hard to remember that when there's still frost on the ground, or when you're doing your spring cleaning but it's worth thinking about, especially then. Check your wardrobe early to make sure you have all the essentials you will need for summer, and that they still fit after all the excesses of Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Different weather requires different footwear. While the weather is cold, you will need boots and good shoes that won't slip on the ice, but in summer you'd overheat wearing something like that. Flip flops are worn by most everyone. For women, there's a wide variety of cute, strappy sandals available. For men there is somewhat less variety, but men's high top sneakers can be fun, stylish and comfortable in warmer weather.  ShortsShorts are almost exclusively worn in summer, and it's not like they're really appropriate for work at any time, unless you're working in certain industries. Still, when you're on vacation or out on the weekends, it's important to have comfortable and flattering shorts to wear. Look at where your shorter pants hit you: do they create unflattering lines? Are they making you look shorter or revealing unflattering blemishes? Don't forget to consider comfort. A pair of shorts that look nice but leave you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable may not be worth the trouble. Try different styles, see which ones work best for your life and your body type. 


Shirts should be lightweight but not necessarily short sleeved. If you have to work in an office, short sleeves may not be appropriate, and if you're outside, short sleeves may not be safe. After all, you need to protect yourself from the sun. Odds are you will have a set of summer shirts that has very little overlap with your winter wardrobe. If you pack them away at the end of summer and then get them out again at the end of winter, that's a perfect time to assess whether they need to be replaced or not. 


Summer is also a great time to go to the beach or pool; it might be the only time of year when you need a swimsuit, but when you need a swimsuit, nothing else will do. Particularly for women, finding a swimsuit can be difficult, so make sure that your old suit still fits and is in good shape well before you need it: you don't want to be caught off-guard. 


Hats are not exclusively for summer, but your summer hats will be very different from your winter ones. You lose a lot of heat through your head, which is exactly why it's important to wear a warm hat in winter. However, in summer, you want to lose heat so you don't get heatstroke. Make sure that your hats are lightweight and not too warm. The main purpose of a summer hat is to shade your face and help keep you cool and safe from sunburn. 


In addition to hats, your best summer accessory is sunscreen. It's not exactly clothing, but it is important to wear, especially in summertime. Make sure that you are properly protected from the sun, but be aware that sunscreen may not interact well with your clothing. It can leave oily marks and even orange stains. Another important summer accessory is your water bottle. You sweat more in summer, so make sure to stay hydrated and healthy in the warmer weather. Summer is a wonderful time of year, with lots of chances for relaxation and family time. It's a great time to go on vacation and enjoy the outdoors, and it's an opportunity to change up your wardrobe. You can get the most out of summer by looking and feeling your very best.