January 19, 2021

West Java Honda Give Discounts for Favorite Models Honda Beat 2021 and Honda Scoopy this January

In the beginning of the year, PT Daya Adicipta Motor (DAM), as the main Honda motorbike dealer together with its dealer network in West Java (West Java), provided discounts for a number of models, including popular models such as the Honda Beat 2021 and Honda Scoopy .

Honda Scoopy 2021

In an official release received by editors this morning, West Java Honda main motorbike dealers are giving discounts for unit purchases during January 2021. They even made a special bonus for students.

opportunity to get a BeAT Sporty jacket while supplies last.

Then there is a discount of Rp. 200 thousand for the fashionable scooter model Honda Scoopy. But what should be noted, the IDR 200 thousand discount turns out to be specifically for the purchase of the 2020 Honda Scoopy model.

If you want to get a bigger discount, you can look at the premium Honda PCX scooter or the Honda ADV 150 style scooter . Discounts given can reach IDR 1 million.

The biggest discount can be obtained if you buy a Honda Forza which reaches IDR 11 million. This scooter has a 250 cc engine with advanced technology, as well as a sporty and red appearance.

For motorcycle fans, there is a minimum discount of IDR 500 thousand for the purchase of the Honda Supra GTR 150 2021. Then IDR 4 million discount for the purchase of a retro motorcycle, Honda Super Cub 125 2021.

If you are interested in the Honda sports motorbike model, there is a discount of IDR 5 million for the purchase of the Honda CBR250RR . All discounts are valid for purchases made by cash or credit.

Lerri Gunawan, GM Motorcycle Sales, Marketing & Logistics DAM said, entering 2021, his party has a new spirit to always provide convenience to consumers who want to own a Honda motorbike.

"Through these special offers, we hope to realize consumers 'dreams to always accompany consumers' daily activities with Honda," he said.

Honda Beat and Honda Scoopy are still favorites

Honda ADV 150

Currently Honda motorbike products that are sought after by consumers are entry-level scooter models, such as the Honda Beat and Honda Scoopy. The two of them were seen on the streets a lot, and it didn't take long for their new models to be used by the public.

Honda BEAT is currently the best-selling motorcycle product status in Indonesia. At least there are several factors that make it popular, such as the affordable selling price, compact size, easy to use and very economical fuel consumption.

Likewise, when the presence of the Honda Scoopy in 2021, the design changed completely with the new chassis and engine, no need for adaptation or introduction in the long term for consumers. This product is still one of Honda's mainstays.

In the latest models, both are using the latest chassis, the eSAF (enhanced smart architecture frame), which makes it sturdier and lighter than the previous chassis model which used steel tubing.

Likewise with the latest eSP (enhanched smart power) mechanical heart, which prioritizes fuel efficiency and lower traction performance, by using an engine with an over stroke character.

With a light motor weight and an efficient engine, both fuel consumption is very economical. Something that the people of Indonesia like, especially if the motorbike is used daily.

So do not be surprised if the Honda Beat and Honda Scoopy have become the mainstay of AHM sales so far.

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