This thesis aims to understand the gradually growing market and the concept regarding the growing supply. By gaining knowledge of these concepts, it should be possible to determine the right target countries for Air conditioning machines . In this report, a countries basket is also developed which enables an importer to make the right policy while deciding to select the best suitable market to establish their brand for a sustainable long-term business.

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Report Scope:
The scope of the report endeavours to select the best suitable market for a long-term business in international trading. This report enables businesses in this domain to address preferences, trends and import opportunities for Air conditioning machines . The report is created by researching and conducting analysis using secondary data. The market with sudden fluctuations in trade and supply requirements is certainly not good for a long-term business perspective. Through this report, we have tried to evaluate which market is growing gradually & various parameters are considered for a long-term business opportunity in various markets. The report defines the market parameters in terms of size, growth, structure, etc.
In the light of studying the market behaviour of various forces like importers, exporters, countries, products, etc. this report acts as a guideline for importers planning to establish their brand in the prospective market.
Having said that, some areas of research could not be taken into account and this report has stayed away from taken points like uncertain political scenario rising, natural calamity, disaster or any other such acts of God into account, etc.

Research Coverage:
The report is divided into three modules. In all the three modules a comparative study is carried out to find the best suitable market for import. For the convenience of the policymakers, a countries basket is also being developed which enables them to make the right policy for the import of Air conditioning machines for India.

The report provides insights on the following:

  • A result has been carried out in the report that the market of Air conditioning machines is dispersed or it is concentrated on fewer markets of the world.
  • Considering the import data of the last 15 years a comparative study has been done to find out the biggest importer in word, biggest exporter in the world and biggest exporter for Air conditioning machines for India in the world in recent years.
  • In the first module of the report, the best suitable market is tried to find out by doing a comparative study using different indices calculation analysis which includes trade balance, growth, trade intensity, policy, tariff, price, etc.
  • In the second module, a comparative study has been done considering the ease of doing business, logistics, etc.
  • In the third module, a competitor benchmarking and market outlook results have been carried out and a comparative study has been done.
  • After passing through all the modules (value-wise & quantity-wise) the best suitable country for the import of Air conditioning machines for India has been put into rank in the country's basket.

The report provides market development trends for the import of Air conditioning machines for India for 2020 onwards.Some facts and figures:

  • The importers of Air conditioning machines for India may face maximum competition in Lithuania.
  • The exporters of Albania may gain advantage of minimum tariff while exporting Air conditioning machines to India.
  • It has been observed that the growth rate value - wise can be the best with Russian Federation while importing Air conditioning machines .
  • The best trade intensity value ? wise for the import of Air conditioning machines for India is China.
  • The importers of India can target 48 countries as a target market for the import of Air conditioning machines .
  • The top five biggest markets for the import of Air conditioning machines for India can share a market size of 14.73 percent in which the biggest market is having the market outlook (value ? wise) of CAGR of -0.738 percent.
  • Passing through all the three modules the best suitable country for export of Air conditioning machines from India is present in the country basket available in the report.

Key Benefits:
The report provides information about the most promising market for the future for the new entrants/market leaders. This report will help stakeholders to understand the competitive landscape and gain more insights to position their businesses better and to plan suitable go-to-market strategies. The report will also help the stakeholders to understand the pulse of the market and will provide them with information on key market drivers, challenges, opportunities, etc.

  • This report provides an extensive analysis of the current trends and emerging estimations & dynamics in the import of Air conditioning machines for India.
  • An in-depth analysis and estimations are done for the import of Air conditioning machines for India.
  • Competitive analysis is done to find out the competitive scenario across the world's market.
  • A comprehensive analysis of factors that drive and restrain the growth of the market is provided.
  • For the import of Air conditioning machines , an extensive analysis of the market is conducted by considering different factors and monitoring the top competitors for India within the market framework.

Reasons to Purchase this Report:

  • Market dynamics scenario, alongside growth opportunities of the markets in the years to come.
  • Analyzing recent trends to determine the outlook of the market.
  • Identify commercial opportunities in the import of products undertaken.
  • Country-level analysis integrating the demand forces to find the best suitable market for import.
  • Value-wise and quantity-wise data are considered to find the market outlook for upcoming years for import
  • Major competitors including L1, L2, and L3 type of competitors are present in the report.
  • A countries basket being developed in the report which includes the information of market outlook, competitors benchmarking, market size, overall score, and rank. This basket is also divided into three categories i.e. RELATIVE, ABSOLUTE and SUSPICIOUS countries basket respectively.
  • The countries basket is divided into continents basket also.

Key Target Audience:

  • Importers
  • Policymakers
  • Potential investors

The study is beneficial in providing answers to several critical questions that are important for industry stakeholders like manufacturers, suppliers, etc., besides allowing them in strategizing investments and capitalizing on import opportunities.
Intended Audience:
This report will be useful to Industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations & organizations related to Air conditioning machines import, government bodies and other stakeholders to align their market-centric import strategies. In addition to marketing & presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about imports.

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Table of content

Table of Contents

Overview of import and export of Air conditioning machines for India:
Understanding the market for import of Air conditioning machines for India:
Regional Hirschmann Index (RHI):
Trade Entropy (TE):
Demand (Import from India) and Supply (Export from countries):
Leading exporter for India:
Leading Importer in the world:
Leading Exporter of the world:
Market/Country Selection for research:
Research Methodology
Module - I
Trade Dynamics (NTB, EIC, GRE):
Normalized Trade balance (NTB) Analysis:
Export/ Import Coverage (EIC) Analysis:
The Growth Rate of Export (GRE) Analysis:
The overall presentation of Trade Dynamics:
The Trade Affinity (Shift Share, Country Export, IS, ES, TS, TII):
Shift-Share Analysis:
Country import Analysis:
Import Shares (IS) Analysis:
Export Shares (ES) Analysis:
Trade Share (TS) Analysis:
Trade Intensity Index (TII) Analysis:
The overall presentation of Trade Affinity (TA):
Markets & Trade:
Marginal Propensity to Imports (MPI) Analysis:
Import Penetration Index (IPI) Analysis:
Export Propensity Index (EPI) Analysis:
Trade Dependency Index (TDI) Analysis:
The overall presentation of Markets & Trade:
Trade Distortion (Tariff, NPC):
Tariff Analysis:
Nominal Protection Coefficient (NPC) Analysis:
The overall presentation of Trade Distortion:
Overall presentation of Module I:
Module ?II
Ease of Doing Business:
Trade across Borders:
Logistic Index:
The overall presentation of module II:
Module ? III
Market Outlook

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