March 13, 2020

Nanofibers Market Size, Share, Growth & Forecast (2019-2024)


The global nanofibers market is anticipated to record a CAGR of 28% during 2019-2024.

The growth of this market is attributed to the recent advancements in technological aspects which have led to new manufacturing techniques, such as force spinning, magneto spinning, phase separation, rotary jet spinning, and melt-blown technology. Electrospinning is one of the prominent methods employed for mass production of the nanofibers by the major players like RevolutionFibres, FibeRio, Donaldson, Finetex EnE, Sigma Aldrich, Elmarco, and Nanopareil, which are also making substantial investments on R&D for the advancements of new manufacturing technologies. Thus, technological innovations in the nanofibers market is a factor that propels its growth.

Recent developments  

• Revolution Fibres is tripling its production to meet rising international demand from various industries and cosmetic manufacturers.

• DuPont Clean Technologies introduced a new and advanced steam plume suppression solution for its MECS DynaWave.

Market drivers and restraints

The high demand of nanofibers due to the requirements of affordable raw materials and the need of electrospinning for mass production and the mechanical properties and compatibilities with the biomedical devices which have boosted significant penetration in Medical, Life Science, And Pharmaceutical (MLP) sectors are the factors that are driving the nanofibers market. Fabrication of a broad range of products from composite nanoscale fibers which are propelling the innovations in the industry, coupled with the increasing adoption of low-cost polymers to produce nanocomposites is fuelling the market growth in automobile and textile industry.

And the shift in consumer and product trends in the target market is anticipated to drive the product demand during the forecast period.

The enhanced mechanical strengths of the nanofibers are creating lucrative growth opportunities for companies in sectors like aerospace, automotive, defense, solar energy, and fuel cells.

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Report Segmented as

Global Nanofibers Market, By Product Type,

•      Carbon Nanofiber

•      Ceramic Nanofiber

•      Composite Nanofiber

•      Glass Nanofiber

•      Metallic Nanofiber

•      Polymeric Nanofiber

•      Other type

Global Nanofibers Market, By End-user Industry,

•      Electronics

•      Healthcare & Biomedical

•      Automotive

•      Energy

•      Chemical

•      Aerospace & Aviation

•      Defence & Security

•      Composites

•      Textile

•      Other End-user Industries

Geographical Analysis

•      North America

•      Europe

•      Asia-Pacific

•      South America

•      Middle East & Africa

In the regional analysis of the global business, North America nanofibers market has led the market. It is anticipated to expand and record a CAGR of 25.5% from 2017 to 2024. The growth of this region is attributed to the rising importance of recyclable and sustainable products coupled with the rapid growth of the key end-use industries including packaging, automotive, and electrical & electronics.

Key market players

•      Argonide Corporation

•      BioMers

•      Ahlstrom Corporation

•      C-Polymers GmbH

•      Catalytic Materials LLC

•      Carbon NT&F 21

•      Catalyx Nanotech, Inc

•      Donaldson Company, Inc

•      Clearbridge Nanomedics

•      Electrovac AG

•      Esfil Tehno AS

•      Espin Technologies, Inc

•      FibeRio Technology Corporation

•      FutureCarbon GmbH

•      Finetex Technology

•      Grupo Antolin

•      Johns Manville

•      Kuraray Co Ltd

•      Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd

•      Met-Pro Corporation

•      Nanofiber Solutions

•      NanoMas Technologies, Inc

•      RevolutionFibres

•      FibeRio, Donaldson

•      Finetex EnE

•      Sigma Aldrich

•      Elmarco

•      Nanoparei

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