March 18, 2020

Water Test Kit Market Size, Share, Trends & Forecast Report

The global water test kit market is expected to cross 5.0 billion by the end of 2024 at a CAGR value of 5.7% during the forecast period.

These kits are used for testing untreated water like rainwater, groundwater, tap water and water from municipal and industrial processes. 

These are economically high, simple to use and can test water quickly. These water test kits have a Long Service Life and find extensive usage among the governments, laboratories, private institutions, industrial and agricultural sectors, etc. These kits can detect contaminants like iron, lead, nitrate, pesticides, hardness, and bacteria. These kits have an essential role in determining the characteristics of polluted water.

Recent Market Developments

• ABB has completed the divestment of the solar inverter unit, which enables ABB's Electrification business to focus on its business portfolio and enhances the business opportunities for the solar inverter business under FIMER.

• Soltis Investment Advisors LLC has purchased the new shares of General Electric, a multinational conglomerate that is based in New York City and headquartered in Boston.

Market Drivers and Restrains

Stringent regulations and rules by the government in concern towards environmental safety are driving the market. Increase in demand to have a perfect measurement of water quality in end-user in influencing the market. Most of the kits do not require additional equipment to detect the contaminants and also the devices are straightforward to handle. In rural areas, the companies cannot have the laboratories to test the water quality whether the water test kits are highly usable, and this is regarded to be one of the factors to drive the market.

Lack of skilled persons in analyzing the measurements accurately due to less training is one of the factors that hinder the market growth. People unaware of these water kits in the underdeveloped regions and their benefits restrain the growth of the worldwide market.

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Report Segmented as

Water Test Market-By Parameter Type

•       Physical (pH, Temperature, TDS, Turbidity, Hardness)

•       Chemical (Arsenic, Chloride, Fluoride, Iron, Nitrate, Residual Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphorus, Ammonia)

•       Biological (E-coli & Coliforms, BOD, COD)

Water Test Market-By Type of Water

•       Pond water

•       Marine water

•       Sewage effluent

•       Portable water

•       Swimming pool water

•       Cooling & Boiling water (for industrial purposes)

Water Test Market-By End-user segment

•       Institutional

•       Government based research & development agencies

•       Private based research & development agencies

•       Commercial

•       Beverage & Food processing

•       Industrial & Manufacturing

•       Leisure & Hospitality

•       Healthcare

•       Food service

•       Others (Agriculture/Aquaculture, Laboratories, Rural Areas, etc.,)

Geographical Analysis

•       North America

•       Europe

•       Asia-Pacific

•       South America

•       Middle East & Africa

North America is a leading region in the global water test kit market due to owing acceptance of the latest technologies in detecting the quality of water for different applications. Following North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific are leading the market with the rising revenue and increase within the scale of the end-user industries.

Key Market Players

•       ABB Ltd

•       General Electric Company

•       Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc

•       Tintometer GmbH

•       Danaher Corporation

•       Emerson Electric Co

•       Horiba Ltd

•       Honeywell International Inc

•       Drinking Water Specialists

•       Watersafe

•       Chemtech International Inc.

•       LaMotte

•       Ansac Technology

•       Hach

•       Baldwin Meadows

•       FilterWater

•       Poolmaster

•       First Alert

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