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The rate at which people in California file for bankruptcy nowadays is quite high, and this is due to the inability to pay their debts.

Bankruptcy is the best option for those that are not able to manage their finances.

If you are among those finding it hard to manage their finances, you need to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer now!

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer in Irvine

As individuals or a partner in a corporation, you are qualified to apply for relief after you passed the chapter 7 Mean test. The Mean test is meant to show that your monthly income is more than the state median.

The purpose of the test is to keep high salary earners from filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

You will not meet the criteria of chapter 7 Mean test if your debt is lesser than your business debt.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy lawyer in Irvine

Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code allow individuals, people in the corporation or partnership to restructure their business to keep it running while paying off your debts.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy lawyer in Irvine

Chapter 13 popularly known as wage earner's plan. Filing for bankruptcy under this chapter gives you the time to accumulate the fund needed to pay your debts through a structured repayment plan.

Our Bankruptcy Process

At KT bankruptcy, our success stories are what set us apart, with a success rate of 99.9%. We will hold your hands through the whole processes, from filing the petition to crafting winning statements and documents.

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Bankruptcy Law in Southern California

The federal law governed all types of bankruptcy. There are state-specific laws that deal with any form of variation caused by geographical location.

For example, the median monthly incomes vary from state to state for chapter 7 Mean test.

In Irvine, during bankruptcy, you are given an option to exempt two properties.

These properties are protected by law, which prohibits the chapter 7 trustee from selling the properties.

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