DFS Associates: 5 steps to becoming a trusted manufacturer’s representative

by Keith G. Fergus
DFS Associates: 5 steps to becoming a trusted manufacturer’s representative

As one of the distinguished manufacturer’s representatives for RF and microwave products and services, DFS Associates would like to provide some insights on becoming a good manufacturer’s representative especially to those who aspire to become one like you. 

In order to be one of the trusted manufacturer’s representatives for a particular firm, you need to effectively represent their products and services to the marketplace. However, you can also choose between representing one or several manufacturers of compatible products and services at once. Put in mind that commitment is the key to represent the products and services of a manufacturer to other businesses effectively.

Learn and understand the information included in representing one or many manufacturing companies. You should also be dedicated to acquiring important details to develop your skills into becoming a trusted manufacturer’s representative.

You should work hard in getting a college degree first because a lot of manufacturers give the role of being a manufacturer’s representative to people with a college degree. A good sales experience is a plus, but it would be better to finish college and get that degree.

Another important thing that DFS Associates needs you to do is conducting a proper and good research. Some can depend on simply going to the public library within their neighborhood, but most would definitely search good information on the internet. One good reason is that the internet holds an enormous amount of information that can surely help you on your research. Finding helpful information about manufacturers of various products and services can be easy. Learn about other information about a manufacturer such as the products it offers, along with its code of ethics and compensation package. Knowing how long their business is running is also important. Understand the industry the manufacturer is a part of and learn about its future potential.

Creating a good relationship with other professionals can also be done online. Simply register on online forums and join active discussions that were related to being a manufacturer’s representative. You can get in touch with different professionals worldwide and acquire beneficial information. Participating in conferences should not be a question to you but must be an action you have to take where you can also be updated on offers made by different manufacturers. Getting tips from other manufacturer’s representatives is possible through online discussions too. Make yourself up-to-date to manufacturers with very interesting products and services.

Sending an application to the manufacturer you’re eager to be involved with must be done according to the rules of the company, so learn about its processes first before sending. Different manufacturers may require applications to be sent through email, Skype, or will simply require you to fill up their online application forms. When your application has been approved, prepare yourself for future training and anticipate good results.

You also need to participate in professional organizations regarding manufacturer’s representatives and make your information included on their national database. One major reason is that manufacturers often use them in searching for agents or representatives, so make sure to be part of those organizations and experience a few advantages. Each time they would do educational and certifications programs make sure to be part of those to improve your skills and soon develop a good reputation as a manufacturer’s representative.

DFS Associates encourages you to learn more about this field to become one of the trusted manufacturer’s representatives.

February 15, 2018
by Keith G. Fergus