The story about "The"

It was very hard for me to understand the importance of THE. Even now I am not sure where is the right place to put the article.

I think there are two sources of this problem why Russian have difficulties with using the article.

Firstly, there is no similar thing in the Russian language. If we want to emphasize something we use special words like that or this, we also use emotions, intonation. So we aren' getting to use such words in our language.

Secondly, the other problem is the teaching way of English in our school. I remembered for the whole life that I should use article A when I talk about something the first time and use the article when I talk about something a second time.

As for me, it was something useless thing which creates additional problems for me during the studying of English.

Besides, there wasn't an explanation like this in the article that you should use the article when you want t mark something important especially in text. In another way, when you should write the text and need to mark anything for the readers you just put the article without additional words.

So it seems very logical and even beautiful to use a short article which adds so much meaning to your text and helps you to write everything that you want.

Now I am thinking about English native speakers who start to learn Russian. These people used to use the articles to make their speech more logical and rational. I think how they try to understand the Russian language without articles. Besides, I know the truth about THE, so I can't imagine how painful it is for them not to meet so logical words in Russia.