November 21, 2019

Jetpack Joyride Hack MOD, Unlimited Coins all devices

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If a person who is interested in phone games will surely know that a famous name is Fruit Ninja, it is one of the two most successful products of Halfbrick studio, which has brought huge sales for this game company.

Jetpack Joyride

is the remaining success, with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Currently, this product is still being updated, and the number of installers has increased steadily. It can be said that these two products are a solid foundation for the studio to have a position in the fierce gaming market. Players continue to support it, so manufacturers innovate some features over time to suit the tastes of players and market expansion.It is like an improved version of the simple Arcade game released two decades ago. Because the easy-to-understand gameplay is well known and loved, the manufacturer’s job is just to add variations so that players feel they are experiencing the tremendous creativity of the team. As with all games that are working well in the market today, it has a clear story and direction in how to play. The main character in the game is a typical office worker and has just been fired. But a good fortune made him catch the life-changing Jetpack. Now Barry Steakfries uses his special weapon to fight evil forces that want to harm people.

High-flying arcade action

Besides, during the task, he can also collect a lot of gold coins (which is also money in this world) to cover the difficult life in America. Barry Steakfries has been with the players for the past six years with many challenges being overcome. Besides, Halfbrick also collaborates with a studio named Mecha to produce a game version that is suitable for Indian culture. This version also achieved outstanding success with more than 5 million downloads. If you want to renew your experience with this much-played game, you can search for Jetpack Joyride India Exclusive on the Google toolbar to download the game.

Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles

When participating in the game, the player will be in control of a jetpack that allows the main character to fly over the screen. Control system is also easy when the character will automatically move from left to right continuously, without pause. If you don’t touch the screen, the character will run under the ground. Moreover, if you touch the screen one by one, the character will fly up a bit, want him to fly higher, the more you have to touch the screen.

At first, the challenges will be straightforward; you just need to fly up from the ground to destroy all the enemies down there. In general, you will have to go through many challenges to reach the final destination with many different changes. The most obvious transformation is that many different worlds will be waiting for you to come and fight. For example, the fictional futuristic world with enemies dressed in protective suits comes with modern weapons or demons in lava hell.

Jetpack has been integrated with the skill and becomes the primary weapon you use in the game. There will be a variety of exotic vehicles for you to change and experience fun moments. The most advanced scientific means such as tanks or motorcycles, even giant robots can be controlled. Or there are also the craziest jetpack skins like dragons in fantasy, electric guitar, rainbow, … All of them will have different functions, so you can gain a few different advantages.

Sum up

Later levels will become increasingly difficult. The player will have to dodge dangerous objects arranged in the middle of the road while attacking the opponent. There is also a swift Boss Fight mode for players to deal with smarter enemies, challenging to predict movement trajectories and how to operate. There is also a mode to bring players into challenges against opponents who are playing online worldwide. These players are obviously smarter than the problems that the system offers. So it will increase competition and make players more excited.