June 7, 2021

How does ChargeAutomation work with Booking.com


  1. Select Payment Gateway (i.e. Stripe).
  2. Select PMS or channel manager (i.e. BookingAutomation).
  3. Select Your Booking Source (i.e. Booking.com) and set your Payment Rules.

When a booking is received from Booking.com, ChargeAutomation will pull credit card details of the booking from PMS/Channel manager and attempt to charge it through your own payment processor.

If charge is successful, the payment is recorded with confirmation number on your PMS (notification email can also be sent out to your operations team).

If payment is declined, credit card is marked invalid on Booking.com & an invoice is emailed directly to the guest with a link to add or update credit card details.

Guest can update their card on Booking.com or pay directly using the link provided in the email.

If 24 hours passed without credit card updated or no payment made, an email notification is sent to Property Manager with an option to cancel the booking. This will send the request to Booking.com payment automation to cancel the booking to avoid paying commission to Booking.com for cancelled booking.