June 10, 2021

Growing Technology in Immersive Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are transforming the way manufacturing, industries, factories and others operate, the digital images and data have made the processes much easier. AR adds the digital data on to the real environment allowing the user to explore more details of the real environment. This application of AR is a step ahead of VR application which allows user to view the reality by simulation. AR applications are more feasible as they can be deployed on smartphones and tablets, these applications in industrial scenario help employees to understand the tools, machineries, and other applications include training, diagnosis of the machinery and repair. For instance, Ford Motors use AR and VR technology in designing the car models before prototyping the models.

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AR and VR technology used in various application, they are majorly used in sci-fi films, gaming and other entertainment applications since their inception. In recent times, they are trending into many other applications to offer vivid experience to the consumers. Companies are using these technologies to attract customers and provide them with more features in buying or decision making experience. For instance, Jaguar Land Rover’s Virtual Experience enable customers to involve and allow them to interact with all the features of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicle. Potential customers are given an opportunity to experience the entire car virtually, a complete view of exteriors and interiors of the car .

Top Key Players are :

  • Augmented Pixels Inc.
  • EON Reality, Inc
  • Innovega, Inc.
  • Catchoom
  • Laster Technologies
  • Layar B.V.
  • Total Immersion
  • Vuzix Corporation
  • Zugara, Inc.
  • Marxent Labs LLC
  • Blippar
  • Oculus VR, LLC
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Google, Inc.

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