To be that which is of peace

The sun goes down, calmness of the day as it passes

As the bird sets, melodies of the gratitude of the day


A promised light at the end of the tunnel and out of

dim or blur as it seems heading out to rest melodies

Joy of that which is of peace and satisfaction

Patience and endurance

It has to shine at least the moon on dark night

As moon erases the past clumped up, poison to heart, clarity of mind

May not know tomorrow brings, Today got us

When sun rises a joy it brings

clouds can't be seen as sky is clear soothing ocean

A sound of calmness

A sound of the sea

A sound of new big, great beginnings

The joy of no caterpillar moth behaviors

The joy of a bird to learn and fly ,flipping it wings

Lumps and jumps of joy ,brightness and warmth

Admiration and beauty, good vibrations and frequency raise

Today, now is that moment, as it glows

A rainbow in thunderstorms and lightning

Of flow and contentment despite it all

A bird set free of its cage

A spirit free bird as to in which is to be that which is to be

In all could be and nothing could ever be

Darkness in light