Some people say that technologies such as mobile phones are disrupting social interaction.

Over the past 20-30 years, people's lives changed much thanks to telephones, but some people think that phones may destroy social interaction. There some opinions, which analyze below.

On the one hand is that phones are good, cause people can communication with each other at long distances. Earlier, people waited their answers for months, but now we can use "What's up" for to chat and get messages instantly with friends, who live on a different mainland. I think it is a good advantage, so people might maintain communication or meet at a distance. For example, I have some relatives who travel every season and it is very comfortable to share with them our news by using What's up or Telegram.

On an other hand is that people see less of each other due to telephones. Old people often say that it used to be better because we saw each other every day, but people contact more in social networks. It is hard to accept new changes to people, who accustomed to old things. I think its not worse to see each other in our screens than communicate in real life, so we should teach old people how to use their phones. For example my grandmother always told that phones are bad, but after I showed her how she can use her mobile to speak with her friends, she changed her opinion.

In conclusion, the both sides were analyzed. The opinion