The First Stage Of Partner Visa Subclass 309

The aim behind this article, to let the applicant know the overview of the partner visa subclass 309. For which everyone is seeking at the time of applying for a visa. This article may help many of the applicants who have faced many issues during the time of their visa grant. We strongly recommend, if an applicant applying for the visa subclass 309 then one must be sure about the proper further inquiries that they should be fully informed about your eligibility, the documentary evidence requirements, and the application process that apply before you lodge their visa application. This is going to be the best way to get a successful outcome and an applicant can avoid unnecessary processing delays in their visa or have less chance of visa refusal. If anyone is applying for the first time then also this will help to save your valuable time and money at the time of visa refusal.  1. Visa application process for partner visa 309 If an applicant is married or in a de-facto relationship with their Australian partner, who must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. If an applicant is located offshore then they can apply for partner visa 309 as this is the step towards the permanent residence in Australia. This visa application has 2 main steps: In proportion to lodge a combined application for visa 309 and permanent partner visa 100 at the same time. But first, an applicant should be granted by temporary subclass 309 visa, which allows them to enter and reside in Australia. To get this visa 309 lodged an applicant must apply from outside of Australia. at the time of grant of the temporary visa and to the grant of visa subclass 100, an applicant can be located in or outside of Australia. If the visa application is successful, then the applicant will be granted permanent residence in Australia. The most important facet of this analysis is that an applicant should remain in a married or de-facto relationship with their Australian partner.

2. Relationship Requirements For 309 Provisional Visa If an applicant has been in a long-term relationship with their Australian partner then this will be a successful application and will result in the grant for a subclass 100 visa in the first try. Applicants should be in a relationship with their partner for at least a minimum period of 3 years or 2 years. If they have their dependent child in the relationship then it will be a strong point for them. The following requirements must be met by an applicant. 1. An applicant must be aged 18 years or older. 2. An applicant sponsor must be aged 18 or older. 3. An applicant must be sponsored by your Australian partner. 4. If an applicant partner is aged under 18 then they must be sponsored by their parent or guardian. 5. An applicant sponsor must meet a good character requirement. 6. An applicant must meet health and character requirements. 7. An applicant and their partner marriage must be legally valid under Australia law. 8. An applicant relationship should be genuine and continue. 9. An applicant and their partner should not belong to the same family. 10. For the de-facto relationship, an applicant needs to demonstrate that it has been in existence for a minimum period of 12 months at the time of application lodgement. The relationship status will justify your eligibility for visa this grant, All you need to ensure that an applicant relationship with their partner should have relevant definition under visa grant requirements. The application fees for lodging a combined subclass 309/100 visa application is from AUD7,715. Also one should check the costs that will apply in your case before proceeding with lodgement. These fees can vary, depending on your individual occurrence.  Now if anyone is planning to get their partner visa 309 then one can consult with an expert team of a Migration Agent Perth. Who can be there for you until the visa grant.