November 27, 2019

Lesson 8: Body image in advertising

Topic of the week: Body positive movement


Let's read the a passage from the article on advertising and body image

You can find the whole article here

Advertising is often a reflection of pop culture and societal trends; however, it can also shape them. Over the last 20-30 years, we have witnessed a strong correlation between advertising and body image, and the effects can be devastating. While it mostly affects women and girls, men and boys are not immune.

Dove, a Unilever brand, has made great attempts to portray women realistically. Despite their efforts to counter the growing body image problem, it is painfully obvious that most ad campaigns still portray women and men as physically perfect, with semi-naked women showing not an ounce of fat and semi-naked men having the rippling physique of He-Man. The only time we see ordinary people is when they are used as a comparison to fit models or when they are used for comedic appeal; this is a real problem.

Homework task

Record an audio discussing two picture ads above. You could include such points as:

  • Why do you think companies are supporting body positivity?
  • Do you think men are affected by body shaming equally with women?
  • Do you like such a diverse representation of all kinds of bodies in the ads? Why?

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