April 9, 2019

About me

A little about internet marketing

I do marketing at https://www.memigo.com

Hello friends! I have been doing internet marketing for a long time and I can talk about it endlessly. Nowadays, more and more people are interested in them, and in general, in the professions of the Internet direction. This can be seen by how often this kind of topic comes up when it comes to developing a business or finding new customers.

With an increase in activity on social networks, their effectiveness in terms of advertising also increases, since coverage in some cases may be even greater than that of traditional channels. But the total audience reach is not yet targeted. It is very important to understand not only WHAT attracts new customers, but also WHERE to attract them. And this we have considered only one of the directions of Internet marketing.

As in any field of activity, Internet marketing has its basic elements, without the knowledge of which it’s impossible to effectively deal with them, these are:

Which ad is better to choose, based on your product;

Where it is better to advertise the product, based on the target audience;

How to choose a target audience based on a specific need, etc.

As well as the ability to calculate the budget for Internet marketing and some indicators, such as advertising payback (ROI), click-through advertising (CTR), the cost of one advertising click (CPC), etc.

All people interested in this topic can be divided into two groups - with basic knowledge and not with them. Therefore, the choice of the course should be based on this. For your convenience, I just below grouped all the courses discussed in the article, depending on the requirements for basic knowledge necessary for mastering.

Basic knowledge in this area can be obtained not only through courses, which are usually paid, but also from free sources, including from this site. If you have free time, it is better to start exploring this topic on your own through articles and videos - this will help you to understand this sphere in more detail and see if you need it and which specific areas are more relevant for you now.

If you already know your needs and there is neither time nor desire to understand everything yourself, then paid courses are what you need. The advantage of such courses is that by asking various questions to teachers, you can always get more information than is given initially.

And before proceeding to the review it is worthwhile to say how to determine the course, if some of them are similar. When choosing, proceed, firstly, from the level of your knowledge, since overpaying for what you already know makes no sense. Secondly, be guided by the ultimate goal of the course - whether it gives a broad understanding or is tailored to the specific activities of the Internet marketer. Third, focus on the cost of the course, but remember that a high, as well as a low price, does not say anything about its quality by itself. It is important to correlate the cost of the course with its developer and lecturers, then the high price can justify itself, and low, on the contrary, arouse suspicion.