December 30, 2020

Combating Negativity in the Healing Professions

We all know that eating processed food laden Focused Brain Review with chemicals such as MSG and sugar can contribute to weight gain. And fast food, huge portions and sedentary lifestyles are all likely to put on pounds.In addition, stress releases excess Cortisol, a hormone integral to health in the proper amount, but responsible for increases in abdominal fat given too much.

But did you know that one of the biggest contributors to obesity is rarely if ever mentioned - let alone discussed?The elephant in the living room, so to speak, is the use of psychiatric drugs --otherwise known as psychotropic medications or psych meds for short.At least among psychiatrists, it's a well known fact - the same medications that are prescribed to treat such psychiatric symptoms as anxiety, depression, psychosis, mania and mood swings very often have the unfortunate side effect of rapid weight gain.

The worst culprits when it comes to weight gain are the atypical antipsychotics; most of these drugs cause 'fairly significant' weight gain in most people. Some are FDA approved for treating psychosis (as in, but not limited to, schizophrenia). Others are approved for symptoms linked to Bipolar Disorder — bipolar depression; psychotic agitation; bipolar maintenance; and 'other indications.'Next on the list? The Anti-Manics or "Mood Stabilizers" used to control mood swings, particularly in Bipolar Disorder.