December 31, 2020

Dear God, Please Save Me

Pain, also disguised as pleasure displays itself Soul Manifestation Review another form: of assistance, praise, approval, validation, appreciation, honor, respect, pacification, flattery, benefit, help, support, admiration, validation and encouragement. In other words, pain resembles pleasure when it gives/offers immediate relief from a situation we are not especially liking or comfortable in.

The truth is: we need whatever uncomfortable circumstance we are currently involved in. But, be that as it may, as the ancient scriptures openly declare: " out your own salvation through fear and trembling..." (Paraphrased)

The season will change and we with it, in time. Notice: there was no mention of being relieved of the situation when it got uncomfortable, messy or tiring. We are generally too impatient and demanding. We want a quick fix! [A magic bullet designed to elicit from the relationship a concussively appealing and accommodating ready made lover/friend/confident and committed mate. Not so. Growth occurs in the midst of tension, friction and/or turbulence.