July 27, 2020

Previously, one unlikely beginning

> Little by name, not by nature
> ---Jack Little

`Jack Little's` agency had been quiet of late, but an explosion of interest in his services has resulted in the biggest case that he has taken to date, the hunt for the beloved missing Colt 1911 of `Frank Ritter`, oh and also to investigate the suspicions of one `Mr. Knott` that his property was haunted.

> Oh I don't do anything with the bodies, we just take them in and dump them out back
> --- Igor Grimesbane

Killing two birds with one stone, by cracking his knuckles and talking his fastest, `Jack` somehow enlisted the help of his would be clients, `Blake Elliot`, `Darcey Hedgeson`, `Dr. Earnest Callahan`, and `Igor Grimesbane` to help not only investigate their own cases, but to also help him search for `Frank's` missing sidearm, and investigate the house of `Mr Knott`.

Although with `Mr. Knott`, agreeing to pay for everyone's trip to Boston, from their homes in New York, `Jack` had the impression that it wasn't so much his abilities as it was the lure of an all expenses paid trip.

No sooner than their train had rolled into the station, than the ramshackle party went to work investigating the occurrences that surrounded the strangely portentous property.

> Have I sold you something, Have you come into my shop recently, yes you have!
> --- Elliot Blake

All together they began, where all adventures should, at The Central Boston Library, where `Frank's` attempts at charm fell flat, `Elliot's` sartorial skills had apparently been much the rage outside of his native New York. The investigators began to learn of a torrid history that surrounded the residence in question culminating most recently with the hurried relocation of the `Macario` family.

Against better judgement, the party decided that while `Igor`, `Darcy`, `Elliot`, and `Dr. Callahan` continue their investigations at the Central Library, Hall of Records, and Higher Law courts, `Frank` and `Jack` will walk the hood, the neighbourhood that is, where Frank last remembered being in possession of his pocket rocket, whilst walking back from a salacious night of cards.

While `Jack` and `Frank` coaxed some unintelligible banter from one `Mr. Dolley Brannon`, regarding his neighbours the `Macario's`. `Igor`, `Elliot`, `Darcey`, and `Dr. Callahan` learnt more about the history of the ill-omen-ed property that once belonged to a `Mr. Walter Corbitt` esquire.

`Jack` and `Frank` found out that while `Mrs Macario` and the boys were shaken, `Vittorio Macario` had suffered the most and was currently recuperating at the `Roxbury Sanitarium` whilst the other pieced together a gruesome past of lawsuits and deaths, where ultimately after his death `Mr. Corbitt's` assets were placed in the care of his executor one `Pastor Michael Thomas` of the `Chapel of Contemplation`.

> I want to go in there an announce that I'm here to get my gun.
> --- Frank Ritter

The team reunited at dusk, near the neighbourhood of `East-West` street where they made way towards the direction that had seen an increase in activities at odd hours, a run down, seemingly abandoned, building towards the end of the street. After crashing unceremoniously though the rotten floor boards, a fall that that hurt things other than `Frank's` ego, the gang soon uncovered that the ruins were not as abandoned as the facade had lead them to believe.

Fresh painted symbols and dressed deceased, pushed them to search harder until they uncover an old journal of the `Chapel of Contemplation` along with an `ominous arcane tome`.

The journal recounted that the body of `Mr. Walter Corbitt` was to be buried in his basement `“In accordance with his wishes and with the wishes of that one who waits in the dark”` whilst the `ominous arcane tome` contained lettering which seemed oddly familiar, but only `Dr. Callahan` seems to be able to understand.

> Can you roll for me a Spot Hidden and Listen roll
> ...er...I failed both
> Ok so while on watch you've fallen asleep.
> --- Darcey Hedgeson

Emerging into the twilight, the party is chastised by `Mr. Dooley` for having delved, quite literally, into the world that he believes needs to be left alone. Sensing his anguish `Frank` and `Jack` use their best tobacco to get him to open up. `Mr. Dooley` beings to recount his involvement, as an inspector in the Boston P.D., in a secret police raid on the `Chapel of Contemplation` some 10 years ago, where it was discovered that the organisation had been responsible for the disappearances of children and the mutilation of those who opposed its activities, amongst other nefarious activities of an occult nature.

Its leader at the time, `Pastor Michael Thomas`, was set to imprisoned for 40 years, a term that `Mr. Dooley` was convinced was much shorter than expected. `Dooley` was also convinced that there was tampering during the trial, as none of the corner reports ever surfaced and the judgement came, in his opinion far too rushed. Irrespective, `Pastor Michael Thomas` escaped prison in 1917, and hasn't resurfaced since, though `Mr. Dooley` is ever watchful.

The sun had set by the time the investigators had digested all of what `Mr. Dooley` has told them and each of them asked the same question.

What next.