Essay writing tips and advice

Expert on how to write an essay. We have already written our essay. We've concluded it, we've had our introduction, 3 points. Now we're going to talk about the things you need to focus in on your essay. Proof read, proof read, proof read. I cannot tell you the importance of proof reading your paper. Never turn in a first draft. If you turn in a first, yeah you might pull a C or D, but you might get an F also. If you want an A paper, an excellent paper, you're going to have to proof read several times. Back in the day, we used to proof read handwriting. But of course, you're going to probably type up your essay on a computer, but you need to proof read anyway. Check you spelling. Sometimes spell checks don't work, so you might want to get out your dictionary or get someone to proof read your paper for you as far as the spelling goes. Proof reading is checking the spelling, the punctuation, the run-ons, fragments, etc. You must proof read your paper if you want to get a really good grade.