October 7, 2020

Should I use a chandelier or hanging light in my child’s bedroom?

Should I use a chandelier or hanging light in my child’s bedroom?Lighting is an underrated aspect among people when it comes to interior design. People look at lighting as a prop to fill the room and source of illumination, but it also has a huge impact on our moods. And who else could have the most unpredictable mood other than the youngest member at home? Young ones are filled with energy and their day involves tons of activities, especially when most of their activities have now become online, it is very important to look after the lighting of their rooms as it can affect your child’s eyesight.

Installing a light in your child’s bedroom can be a tough call, there are various options to select from; hanging lights, chandeliers, hanging ceiling lights and many more. There also are a lot of things to take into consideration, hence, LightCube is here to help you shortlist your priorities and requirements.Let’s get started!

How to decide on which light you want: 

The first step to selecting lights is analysing your child’s room structure. Is it a tall ceiling room or otherwise? Your choice of light should be complementary to the architecture. Chandelier would be perfect for a tall ceiling room whereas if the room is compact, you might prefer wall lights or hanging lights. Remember that these lights’ purpose is also to magnify the beauty of a room, so always consider your interior first.

Another aspect of the interior is the natural source of light. Your child is going to use the light for illumination in the room while reading or using any device, and that’s why you have to consider where the natural light from outside comes from and install the light in a darker place of the room so the room is well lit.

 Along with these things what you have to do is know your child’s age. If your child is a toddler they probably would be fascinated by a small chandelier to look at their whole day. On the other hand, if you have a pre-teen or a teenage kid at home, they might want a more subtle look for their room.That can either be a formal hanging ceiling light or a classy chandelier, so talk to them and ask what look they want for their room.

How can LightCube help you?

Remember that lighting can not only give your child’s room a classy touch but also affects their mood a lot. We at LightCube, one of the the best lighting consultants who can guide you perfectly through the process of selecting, finalising and installing lights at your home! Our aim to take the load off from you and divide it between the professionals who we have here to help you. We have tons of options for the type of lights that you might desire and also a team of experienced professionals who will safely install these lights at your house. So don’t worry about the hassle of installing any big or small fancy lights, LightCube has got it all.