December 1, 2020

Top 10 Companies Profiling in Lipidomics

Lipidomics has so far been primarily concerned with identifying novel methods, but recent applications in diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, cystic fibrosis, and other respiratory diseases clearly demonstrate the potential utility of lipidomics in both diseases. K generate biomarkers and investigate signaling and metabolic processes.

Lipidomics is a developing biomedical research discipline that includes complex lipidome analysis. It is a quantitative and comprehensive description of a collection of lipid species in an organism. Lipidomics compromises system-level quantitation and identifies several networks and cellular lipids and interaction pathways with distinct proteins and moieties.


There has been tremendous development in lipidomics over the last decade. However, despite this rapid growth, significant hurdles remain to achieve the goal of accurate and comprehensive evaluation of lipidomes and its incorporation into metabolic pathways. The most important challenge remains the extreme molecular heterogeneity of lipid compounds, limiting the broad characterization and quantification of classes, several subclasses, and many species of biological lipids.

Lipidomics is a newly emerged discipline that studies cellular lipids on a large scale based on the principles and technical means of analytical chemistry, especially mass spectrometry. Recently, the techniques are very advanced and novel applications of lipidomics in biomedical sciences have emerged. This review provides a timely update on these aspects. After briefly presenting the lipidomics discipline, we compare mass spectrometry-based techniques for the analysis of lips and summarize recent applications of lipidomics in health and disease. Finally, we discuss the status of the region, future direction and advantages and limitations of the region.

The List of Companies Involving in Lipidomics Study:

1. Zora Biosciences OY

2. Owl Metabolomics

3. Avanti Lipids Polar, Inc.

4. The Metabolomics Innovation Centre

5. Lipotype GmbH

6. Metabolon, Inc.

7. Waters Corporation

8. Creative Proteomics

9. Thermo Fisher Scientific

10. MetaSysX