January 7, 2021

Custom Antler Chandeliers

Custom Antler Chandeliers Brings western design to Your Home

Custom Antler Chandeliers by Kevin Clark originals. KCO lighting fixtures are handcrafted from true-to-life antler sheds sourced from sheds in the western U.S. Actual shed antlers are collected daily by local hunters and businessmen and then processed to create a high quality, realistic antler lighting fixture. Elk, fallow, whitetail, mule deer antlers are utilizing to make Custom Antler Chandeliers. They are crafted from a variety of wood species native to North America including: Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer and Mule Boar. They are meticulously handpicked and then processed for the finest quality finish.

Each piece is individually crafted by the artisans and craftsmen of KCO Lighting fixtures for the ultimate result. Antlers come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. The artisan collects and processes many different types of antlers each season. Harvesting each animal ensures that they are all carefully selected for the perfect shape and size for each custom antler chandelier. Many custom antler chandeliers are hand painted with beautiful, natural colors to further enhance their beauty and uniqueness.

The KCO brand is made in the United States and is not a knock off of the antler chandeliers made in Europe. Each chandelier is unique because it is uniquely crafted from the unique characteristics of the animals. The elk antler chandelier is among the most popular and the most sought after. This chandelier is made from a variety of Michigan elk antlers.

Some custom chandeliers have beautiful hand-painted scenes that resemble the natural environment of the forest. The KCO brand offers a number of different landscape themes including Indian country, California wine country, cabin decor, desert landscapes, southern country, farmhouse interiors, wildlife, southwestern style, and yurt styles. The unique landscape themes make these chandeliers very attractive interior design additions. The rustic, lodge interior design is highlighted by the large Indian elk antlers hanging in the floor back of the chandelier. The rustic look adds a homey feeling to the rooms of the chalet.

The beautiful Southwestern design is highlighted by the large number of cowboy style antlers that add a southwest accent to the interior design of the rooms. The beauty of the decor is highlighted by the large variety of deer antlers on the furniture and walls. The antlers were originally used by the American Indians as part of their tools and weapons. Many of the antlers are still used today for this purpose. A unique chandelier such as the KCO "Shooting Horse", "Mexican Hat", "Texas Star", and" buffalo head" chandeliers add to the western interior design of the rooms. Each of the chandeliers is hand-painted by the artisan himself.

The "Longhorn" chandelier is a unique combination of western and Mexican design. This chandelier has an open framework surrounding a four-post design. The four posts of the chandelier are each crafted from naturally shed elk antlers. The antlers were found along the banks of a stream and were originally used by the Native Americans for the construction of a gazebo or log cabin. The unique feature of the "Longhorn" chandelier is that it will glow from the natural lighting around it.

Another of the many great chandeliers available are the "Elk Head" chandeliers. The Elk Head chandeliers come in two unique styles. One style has a large elk head on the center of the chandelier and the other style has an antler covered elk head on the side. Both styles look incredible hanging from your walls. The antlers that are used on the side of the chandeliers are harvested from the same National Park where elk are raised.

The only thing that limits the choices of the consumer is the size of the budget that they have. Many people choose to purchase their chandeliers so that they can use them inside their homes. Others choose to place the antlers on their patio for a more rustic look. Either way, antler sheds are becoming a very popular choice for decorating any home.