June 8, 2021

The "Terrible Two" Behavior

Are you having problems with your two-year-old? Don't worry; you're not alone.

The phrase "terrible two" is commonly used by parents and even professionals to characterize two-year-old children. There's a reason for it: they can get extremely bad (but still cute) during this age.

It is a period that a toddler goes through around the age of two. However, there is no set age at which your child will go through this phase. As it is also called, toddlerhood occurs between the ages of 1-3; it is a period of rapid intellectual, physical, and social development for your child.

They enjoy going on adventures and doing things on their terms. That's when the problems start: kids want to do things their way, which overwhelms us. They are in the process of honing their physical and verbal abilities. As a result, they become frustrated when they attempt to accomplish a task and fail miserably. When they are unable to do what they want immediately, they become impatient. Because children's communication abilities are still growing, they have difficulty expressing what they truly desire or feel.

While this is a typical phase for children, there are certain things you can do to manage their misbehavior and save yourself some grief. Here are some parenting tips to help you get through the terrible twos: give them attention; communicate; create a schedule; remember that the simpler the rules you give them, the easier you can explain it to them; be consistent; acknowledge their good deeds; most importantly, be a role model and stay calm.