August 6, 2020

The Top 10 Most Essential Website Design Tips You Need To Know in 2020

Freelance Web Designer SingaporeWebsite Design ideas are everywhere over the web. As a freelance web designer Singapore you need to be aware of the most essential website design techniques/tips before you start designing any website.

1.Sketch your Layout

Website layouts are first sketched by a professional web designer and then coded. Not all websites start with coding. Making a plunge directly into the middle of a web design process is really not advisable to the final product! What you need to do is begin wireframing your page layouts. Use any wireframe software available over the web for free or start designing using a pen and paper. Planning is essential for any web design projects to have a great UI UX.

2.Website Loading Speed

When a website takes above 4sec to load then you are probably losing your potential customers. No visitors are ready to wait until your website loads. Great web composition incorporates serving information to your guests quickly. No one is going to stay if each picture takes three minutes to stack. Next, ensure you limit enormous things in your web architecture. The quantity of pictures or recordings you show (particularly at higher goals) can intensely affect to what extent it takes clients to download that information for each client of your website. 

3.Responsive Web Design

Making your website device friendly is essential and mandatory, a few years back responsive web design was optional, however now it is mandatory not only for your users but also for Google. A responsive, portable prepared page is obligatory with regards to current web architecture. Maximum visitor traffic comes from mobile phones. As a freelance website designer Singapore it is must to make each page and component of your website responsive. You additionally should make a point to pick a stage that upgrades your pictures for portable. There's significantly more to it than this, however we'll leave it to you to investigate the numerous manners by which portable plan can be effectively utilized on your page. 

4.UI/UX Factors

Websites draw attention and retain visitors if and only if you have a good user experience. Freelance web designers need to learn more about the user experience factors that would help the visitors browse through the website. On the off chance that clients feel that your site is anything but difficult to utilize and explore around, and appealing to see, at that point you're well en route to huge amounts of conversion. 

5. Hierarchy

Content hierarchy or the component hierarchy is a must to learn technique. Where you place things on your web page is crucial. Visual psychology plays an important role, introducing people to data in a way they can undoubtedly process is basic in standing out enough to be noticed and guaranteeing they hold the information you are giving them. A good image slider in the top followed by irrelevant information may not feel the flow. Images followed by your services, a little about you will work with contact information.


HeadersRelevant headers based on the information can catch the attention of your visitors. An inadequately worded feature or subhead is a botched chance to produce intrigue. In addition to the fact that it is all the more obvious to the client what the territory is talking about, however it can radically improve your SEO score. Trim down the quantity of objectives on each page to one. Make structures as straightforward as could reasonably be expected. 

7. Top section

Your top header section is important, when your visitor lands on your web page, as a website designer you only have 1 sec either to impress them and continue browsing or bounce back.Among the web architecture tips you have to recall, this one is super-significant. The crease is the primary look at a site before a guest must parchment. It could be the absolute most significant piece of your whole website design. Ensure your key services or key information or any important factor to take action (CTAs) are inside this part, since this is the primary spot you'll have the option to truly create clicks (and in this manner, traffic) so you have to make the most of it! 

8.Clear CTAs 

Website designs which help to convert have clear CTAs. You will likely convince them to settle on a decision, and this frequently occurs past the overlay. When in doubt, on the off chance that you have a catch in the region over the overlay for them to follow up on, you ought to give that equivalent activity in at any rate one other territory on the page after the overlap. Some of the website designers stuff all possible designs near the CTA area, this makes the CTA less visible.


You need clients to adore your key services or products.  Be that as it may, you have to abstain from suffocating them in an excessive amount of write ups. Some portion of how to structure a website is comprehending what to show to guests. Concentrating on toning it down would be the best methodology and give them each detail in turn. More white spaces in the website design helps your visitors to focus on the key points.

10.Use Realtime Photos

An original photograph of your product or your service rather than any stock images will really click. This is particularly obvious when you include individuals as opposed to articles or places. Get some quality pictures taken for you (or take them yourself) and use them as full-screen foundation pictures to include clean and you'll locate a huge increment in snaps (and buys!) before long. If you are concerned about budget then use HD images from royalty free stock websites.Website design is an art, it cannot be expertised overnight and it is also not difficult to learn. Subraa, freelance web designer in Singapore, has over 12+ years of experience in the web design and logo design industry with proven track records that help in website conversion. Subraa offers one stop solution for all digital marketing needs.