February 27, 2020

Global Optical Films Market Application, Manufactures, Growth rate and Regional Analysis Report 2020

The Global optical films market is segmented on the basis of type, function, application and end user.
The Global optical films market is segmented based on type into four notable segments; polarizer film, backlight unit film, ITO film and optical polyester film. Polarizer film is sub segmented into PVA film, compensation film, surface treatment film and PET protection film/release film. Backlight unit film is sub segmented into diffuser film, reflector film and light guide plate (LGP). Optical polyester film is sub segmented reflection film, anti-reflection film, transparent and adhesive film and transparent and conductive film.

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The Global optical films market is segmented based on function into two notable segments; display surface films, brightness enhancement films (BEF), reflective polarizer films (DBEF), backlight reflector films (ESR), light control/privacy films (ACLF) and filter films.

The Global optical films market is segmented based on application into 13 notable segments televisions, laptops, tablets, smartphones, billboards, smart electronic wearable, control panel displays, signage & advertising display boards, automotive, lighting, optical equipment’s, solar and Others.

The Global optical films market is segmented based on product type into six notable segments; consumer electronics, optical equipment, automotive, industrial, lighting and others.

Based on geography, the Global Optical films market is segmented into 5 geographical regions - o North America
o Europe
o Asia-Pacific
o South America
o Middle East and Africa

Global Optical films market competition by top players include -
LG Chem dominated the optical films market accounting largest market share followed by 3M,

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Dexerials Corporation and HYOSUNG with other players such as • TORAY INDUSTRIES, INC.
• BenQ Materials Corporation
• Sanritz Co., Ltd
• American Polarizers, Inc.
• China Lucky Corp.
• Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Inc.
• SKC Inc.
• Suntechopt Corporation
• Fusion Optix
• Dejima Optical Films BV

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